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Aluminum Monitor Riser - EGSH-RA1-S2

Aluminum Monitor Riser - EGSH-RA1-S2

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Monitor riser stand for computers

You Raise Me Up

for better viewing angles



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  • get better viewing angles for your laptop

    Improves laptop viewing angles

  • stong aluminum laptop stand

    Built from strong aluminum

  • non slip rubber pads keep your Mac computer in place

    Slip-resistant design

  • open architecture frees up desk space

    Space for stashing stuff


Sitting at a desk is uncomfortable enough, don't let your monitor make it worse. Raise your screen up to eye level while gaining back desk space under the riser.

  • This 2.5" tall stand raises your monitor to comfortable viewing height, reducing strain from hunching. (
  • Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife... er, scissors. Or snacks. Or whatever.  Space beneath stand is perfect for stashing your laptop, keyboard, console and other desktop items.
  • Lightweight, bent aluminum design is damage-resistant and strong without being physically heavy.
  • Step 1: Unbox. Step 2: Enjoy
  • Silicone padded feet increase stability and prevent desk scratches and damage.
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Echogear Portable Laptop Stand

We've all been there. Long, sweatpant-fueled hours in the good ol' home office, thinking: "Man, my neck hurts and I really wish I had a snack right now... but the kitchen is so far away!" Well fam, kiss that stiffness and snack searching goodbye because Echogear's got an outSTANDing solution for you! This bent aluminum stand is just what the doctor (and your tummy) ordered. Sitting at 2.5" tall, it lifts your monitor to an appropriate viewing height which will straighten that slump right out and make snack access easier than ever before. (Stay with us on the snacks. It'll make sense soon!)




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