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Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand - EGSH-SA2-S2

Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand - EGSH-SA2-S2

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portable laptop stand collapses for easy storage

Slip This Into Your Bag

portable design & improved viewing angles



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  • get better viewing angles for your laptop

    Improves laptop viewing angles

  • stong aluminum laptop stand

    Built from strong aluminum

  • No installation required

    No assembly required

  • Easily stash this laptop stand in your bag

    Folds for easy storage


Constantly on the go? Only able to write your novel at Starbucks? Don't let a bad screen angle slowly transform you into a gargoyle. This portable laptop stand improves posture and viewing angle, but can be quickly folded up and stashed in your bag.

  • Hunching bad! Comfort good! Ultralight stand puts laptop at the perfect angle for increased viewing and typing comfort.
  • Stand folds flat - to just .25" thick - for easy transport so you can enjoy perfect-angle work... wherever you put in hours.
  • Aluminum stand design is light, but not lacking: Scratch-resistant and surprisingly sturdy - making it perfect for working on-the-go.
  • Ventilated stand design keeps it cool - even under pressure - preventing laptop damage due to overheating.
  • Slip-free stability: Rubberized stand pads keep your laptop steady and prevent desk damage.
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Echogear Portable Laptop Stand

From one bad viewing angle to another? It doesn't have to be this way! This stand gives your laptop 3.5" of lift, decreasing neck-straining hunch and increasing working comfort. And yeah, that alone's enough to make this stand a winner, but we took it one notch further, just for fun: This stand folds flat, to .25" thick, making it the perfect stand for on-the-go or remote working. Or just travel... with a better view. Screen view, that is.




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