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Dual Monitor Desk Mount With Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment - ECHO-GM2FC

Dual Monitor Desk Mount With Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment - ECHO-GM2FC

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Product Description

dual monitor arm for gaming computers

Double The Monitors

for double the fun.



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  • Get the greatest position flexibility of any TV mount with extention, swivel, and tilt

    Adjusts for comfy gaming

  • Reduce glare on your TV by tilting the TV down

    Easy tilt to eliminate glare

  • adjust monitor vertically

    Use vertical or horizontal monitors

  • Simple 3 step TV wall bracket install

    Simple 3-step install

Fits Monitors Monitors Supported Fits Desk Thickness Height Adjust
10"-30" 2 0.5"-2.4" 13.5"

Level up and double down with this Dual Monitor Dynamic Height-Adjust Mount, designed to hold nice and tight onto two monitors 10"- 30”. Tool-free, super-smooth screen height and angle adjustments allow comfortable gameplay - even for those extended sessions.

  • Treat yo’ neck! Ensure pain and strain-free long-session gameplay with tool-free dual-monitor height adjustment.
  • We put in the effort so you don't have to: Get the perfect playing angle easily with butter-smooth, independent monitor adjustments.
  • Seriously solid, bump-proof design has been tested to hold both monitors steady… even if things get a little crazy.
  • Switch either or both screens from landscape to portrait viewing with nothing but your mind… and your hands. (Tools, shmools.)
  • Get back to gaming faster! Everything you need for installation is included - skip that trip to the store.
  • Rule your world… and your setup with adjustable tension at pivot points for customized, locked-in control of both of your screens.
  • Multi-tasking mastery: One screen for gaming, one screen for… anything you want!
  • Create a cool, clean, dual-screen gaming space fit for a pro with built-in cord-wrangling clips and nearly-hidden hardware.
  • Our ECHOGEAR Pros are here to help 7 days a week.

About Dual Monitor Desk Mounts:

Mounting dual monitors is an awesome way to optimize a gaming or office setup. Get the perfect monitor position, free up desk space, and customize your setup.


1. Perfect Monitor Position


Based on a ton of boring scientific research that we read so you don't have to, keeping your body in a neutral position is key to working or gaming longer. Chances are you've felt fatigue while sitting at a PC for long periods of time, help your body out by mounting desk mounting dual monitors. Thanks to the dynamic gas spring arms, you can position the monitors exactly where you want, on demand. No tools, no rules. Extend, swivel, tilt, and adjust height freely. No matter how many gamers you have in the house, the monitors can quickly be adjusted based on personal preferences. Keeping your neck, back, and eyes in the ideal position will help you play longer, and hopefully better.


Along with the enhanced comfort, tilting the monitors eliminates that annoying screen glare. Independently tilt both monitors up to 15º up or down. If your monitors are currently sitting on independent stands, you can optimize the experience by flawlessly aligning screens up to 30" at any height.


2. Free Up Desk Space


As if a healthier body and better playing experience weren't enough, mounting your dual monitors will free up so much desk space it'll make your head spin thinking of all the accessories you'll be able to fit. Even that neglected Master Chief statue can make it's way back to the desk along with your mic mount and sick new headset. Never count out the Master Chief.


By mounting both monitors to a single stand on the back of your desk, there will be extra space under and around the screens. With less clutter and a more comfortable gaming experience, desk mounting dual screens is a sure fire way to improve your battlestation. Take the aesthetic improvement another step further with the built-in cable management channels. Route cables down the arm and behind the desk in a few seconds. With more screen and less cable, you'll be seeing your game the way it was meant to be seen, distraction-free.


Built with gamers in mind, our desk clamp is wobble-free to keep your screens from moving during gameplay or aggressive trash talk in chat. We've been there.


3. Customized Setup


Building a custom setup is almost as fun as spawn camping. Mounting dual monitors on a dynamic gas spring mount will give you some serious /r/battlestations cred. Along with the dynamic adjustments and killer looks, you'll be able to position your monitors in either horizontal or vertical position, so you make the most out of every pixel.


You're always changing and upgrading parts of your PC setup, and that includes monitors. We built this bad boy to be VESA compatible so you won't need to change mounts with your fancy new screens. Take your dual monitors to the next level with our dual monitor mount with dynamic gas spring adjustments.


The Nerdy Stuff:

  • Arm Type: Dual monitor gas spring
  • Mount Type: desk clamp
  • Screen Size Range: 10"-30"
  • Extension: 20"
  • Tilt Adjustment: +-15º
  • Height Adjustment: 13.25"
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape & portrait
  • Weight Capacity: 20lbs per monitor
  • VESA Compatibility: 75x75 - 100x100
  • Model: ECHO-GM2FC
dual monitor adjustable desk mount tilt dual gaming monitors dual monitors extension



    I met the vendor at PAX East and loved the way the monitor mounting works. Unlike most of the other mounts, the clamp mechanism has no giant backplate." -Anino X


    I just installed this on my desk and I am truly impressed! Installation was a breeze and they feel very secure once attached. The gas springs are fantastic.” -Sandy Huber


    Very cool adjustable arm tension system to balance each monitor right where they need to be while still being easy enough to adjust their height with one hand.” -Mark J

Simple 3-Step Install

Finish your setup faster and get back to your game. Simple 3-step install won't require a walk through video.

clamp dual monitor mount to desk

1. Clamp the mount to desk

attach dual monitor arms

2. Connect arms to the mount

connect your computer monitors to the dual arm mount

3. Attach your monitors to the arms

What's In The Box?

Gas Spring Arm

dual monitor arms

Desk Clamp

dual monitor desk clamp

Install Hardware

install hardware

Instruction Manual

dual monitor desk mount


Hang with us, purchase this mount now on Amazon:


Get your questions answered by monitor mounting experts:


About Tilting Mounts

Upgrade your TV viewing experience even more with ECHOGEAR TV accessories. Here are some options compatible with this mount.



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