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Single Monitor Desk Mount With Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment - ECHO-GM1FC

Single Monitor Desk Mount With Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment - ECHO-GM1FC

Product Details

Product Description

full motion computer monitor mount

Fully Adjustable Desk Mount

for the perfect desk setup.



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  • Get the greatest position flexibility of any TV mount with extention, swivel, and tilt

    Finger-tip screen adjustments

  • Reduce glare on your TV by tilting the TV down

    Smooth tilt to eliminate glare

  • clamp your gaming monitor to your desk

    Wobble-free clamp design

  • Simple 3 step TV wall bracket install

    Simple 3-step install

Fits Monitors Height Adjust Extension Tilt
10"-30" 13.25" 20" +-15º

You've been at this gaming thing a while now. Isn't it time to kick it up a notch? Let's start with your setup: Get your monitor up and out of the way with this Single Monitor Dynamic Height-Adjust Mount, designed for monitors 10" to 30".

  • Reclaim desk space and adjust your monitor freely by mounting your 10"-30" monitor to your desk. Install the mount yourself in under 30 minutes.
  • Premium gas spring arm raises 13.25" and extends a massive 20" with butter-smooth motion. Customize arm tension to eliminate wobble and droop.
  • Change the tilt & swivel of your monitor with just your hands, no tools needed. Rotate the screen from vertical to horizontal orientation in a flash.
  • Top notch build quality with steel parts and no flimsy plastic pieces. Built-in cable management keeps your cords out of the way for a clean finish.
  • Comes in 2 parts with minimal assembly required. Plus, you get to read an entertaining install manual that's written in real English.
  • Seriously solid, bump-proof mount design holds your monitor safe and steady… even when things get a little crazy.
  • Our Echogear pros are ready to chat 7 days a week if you have questions or run into a snag.

About Single Computer Monitor Mounts:

Upgrade your gaming or workstation with a fully adjustable dynamic gas spring monitor mount. What's the big deal with mounting a monitor? So glad you asked:


1. Ideal Monitor Position Reduces Fatigue


Think about your current setup. Do you have to look up or down at your monitor? Do you get sore or fatigued during extended gaming sessions? Upgrading to a monitor mount can help alleviate those problems. Built with a dynamic gas spring arm, you can move the screen basically anywhere. Adjust the height, tilt, swivel, and extension with just your hands. Keep your body comfortable and fresh to play longer. Dynamic gas spring technology means there aren't any restrictions on where your monitors are. No pre-set notches or bolts to loosen, just smoothly adjust your monitor in any direction using just your hands.


2. Reclaim The Desk


Along with the lack of adjustments, a problem with stock monitor stands is they take up too much room on the desk. You've already had to move stuff off the desk to the basement, what next? Your VR headset? Forget about it. Mounting a monitor to the desk frees up additional desk space for all your gear and accessories. By clamping to the back of any desk between .5" and 2.4", it makes stock monitor stands either garbage or a dangerous frisbee alternative.


Built with gamers in mind, the clamp has a wobble-free design to keep your screen steady and secure even during the worst of online gaming times. Example: When you wipe on the final boss because BaseballLuke69 pulled a LeRoy Jenkins. Damnit, BaseballLuke69!


3. Customize Your Experience


Upgrading to a desk mount might sound like a lot of work, but no worries, it's easy. Installation is a breeze, you'll be back to your game in minutes, and with no tools required for adjustments, anyone in your house will get a comfortable, customized gaming experience in seconds. We know you take pride in your gaming battlestation, which is why we built cable management into the monitor mount. Keep your area clean and professional looking by routing cables down the arm. By using a monitor mount rather than a stand, you'll get plenty of customization options to play or work (gross) the way you want.


The Nerdy Stuff:


  • Mount Type: Single monitor desk clamp
  • Arm Type: Dynamic gas spring
  • Screen Size Range: 10"-30"
  • Tilt Adjustment: +-15º
  • Height Adjustment: 13.25"
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape & portrait
  • Weight Capacity: 20lbs per monitor
  • VESA Compatibility: 75x75 - 100x100
  • Model: ECHO-GM1FC
gas spring computer monitor adjustments tilts 15º to elminate screen glare extend your gaming screen up to 20"

Simple 3-Step Install

Get back to your game. With our easy 3-step install and expert customer support, your battlestation will be upgraded in no time.

simple install for computer monitors

1. Clamp the mount to your desk

mount your gaming monitor to your desk

2. Connect the arm to the mount

connect VESA pattern monitors to your mount

3. Attach your monitor to the arm

What's In The Box?

Monitor Arm

computer monitor arm

Desk Clamp

computer monitor mount

Install Hardware

hardware and cable ties for computer monitors

Instruction Manual

single gaming monitor mount


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