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Single Monitor Wall Mount With Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment - ECHO-GM1FW

Single Monitor Wall Mount With Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment - ECHO-GM1FW

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Product Description

gas spring wall mounted computer monitor mount

Get Your Screen Off The Desk

and onto the wall



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  • Get the greatest position flexibility of any TV mount with extention, swivel, and tilt

    Articulates for the perfect view

  • Reduce glare on your TV by tilting the TV down

    Smooth tilt to eliminate glare

  • mount your monitor to the wall

    Extra desk space? Check.

  • Simple 3 step TV wall bracket install

    Simple 3-step install

Fits Monitors Extension Studs Required Tilt
10" - 30" 19.4" 1 +-15º

Everybody needs space to live. Gamers like you need space to play. Get what you need from your gaming setup with this Single Monitor Dynamic Height-Adjust Wall Mount, perfect for getting monitors 10" - 30” up off your desk and onto the wall, maximizing your playing space.

  • Free up desk space & position your monitor exactly where you want it by mounting your monitor to the wall.
  • Butter smooth monitor arm is built with a  premium gas spring capable of extending 19.4" and raising 13.5" without tools.
  • Adjust the tilt, swivel, or orientation of your monitor in seconds with just your hands. Customize the tension to hold your monitor without droop or wobble.
  • Integrated cable management channels keep your cables out of the way without restricting the monitor movement.
  • This seriously solid, on-wall mount design is bump-proof and tested to hold your monitor steady… even if things get a little crazy.
  • Built from easy to install high-quality materials, this mount works with any monitor 10"-30" and up to 25lbs.
  • Quick, easy 3-step monitor mount installation: Attach wall plate to wall, slide mount onto plate, attach display to mount.
  • Our ECHOGEAR Pros are here to help 7 days a week.

About Monitor Wall Mounts:

Mic check...


Your palms are sweaty, neck weak, eyes are heavy. There's Cheetos on your sweater already, mom's spaghetti. You're nervous, cuz your monitor isn't calm or steady. Should've gotten a mount, but you keep on forgettin'...


Well, the days of forgetting to mount your monitor are over. With the Echogear Wall Mounted Gas Spring Mount, you'll have an uber-flexible monitor to game more comfortably, more desk space for your stuff, and additional customization options for your gaming setup.


1. Get The Ideal Monitor Position


You probably don't think about it, but if your monitor isn't in the ideal position it can put stress on your body & cause gaming (or work) fatigue. By mounting a monitor to the wall, you'll get almost unlimited adjustments thanks to the dynamic gas spring arm. Raise or lower the screen, extend it from the wall, tilt to eliminate glare, and swivel left or right until you've found the most comfortable gaming position.


Experts and smart people did a bunch of studies that show a properly aligned monitor reduces stress and fatigue on your neck, back, and eyes. What that means for you is longer gaming sessions without wearing out.


If you've got multiple players in your house, the monitor can be quickly adjusted using just your hands. No tools required. Get the perfect monitor position for everyone, but most importantly you. How are you going to get first in Fortnite with a poorly positioned monitor?? Quit hiding in that bush and slay some fools!


2. Take Back Desk Space


Stock monitor stands take up a lot of room and give limited positioning flexibility. By mounting to the wall, your monitor will be off that crowded desk and you can finally get rid of that enormous stock stand. Fully retracted, it has a low 2.19" profile so you'll barely be able to see it. With all the extra desk space, you can add those extra peripherals you've always wanted but didn't have space for. Go crazy, put that TIE Fighter model you did 10 years ago up there, or even the picture of your ex. That was a joke. Get over her!


If you have a rickety IKEA desk or get a little too animated during gameplay, you've probably experienced screen wobble. Nothing will kill your vibe and destroy immersion quite like a screen that won't stay steady. By wall mounting, you can pound your keyboard and aggressively click all you want. Unless you're the hulk, the wall mounted screen will stay perfectly steady and in the perfect position.


3. Customization Lvl Over 9000


Adding a monitor mount to your gaming setup opens up customization options worthy of /r/battlestations. Route cables behind the mount and through the wall for a clean, professional finish. Like LEDs? Bias lighting looks cooler when the monitor is closer to the wall. If you've got multiple monitors, no worries. Just put another mount on your wall and you'll be playing like a pro in no time. Those new 4k monitors look pretty sick. Upgrading screens is easy. One your mount is on the wall, attach any new monitor for an easy upgrade in either landscape or portrait orientation.


Want to know what else is easy? Installation. If you are worried about drilling into a wall, we get it. But there isn't anything to be afraid of. With our comprehensive manual (written in real English), included hardware, and experts ready to answer the phone 7 days a week, this is a DIY project anyone can handle. Your screen will be on the wall in under 15 minutes thanks to our easy 3 step install process. Your friends will be jealous and think you are the next Chip Gaines, but we won't tell them how easy it was if you don't.


The Nerdy Stuff:


  • Mount Type: Single monitor wall mount
  • Arm Type: Dynamic gas spring
  • Screen Size Range: 10"-30"
  • Tilt Adjustment: +-15º
  • Height Adjustment: 13.25"
  • Extension: 19.4"
  • Depth from wall: 2.19"
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape & portrait
  • Weight Capacity: 25lbs
  • VESA Compatibility: 75x75 - 100x100
  • Model: ECHO-GM1FW
gas spring height adjustable computer monitor mount tilt gaming screens to the perfect angle extend from the wall for the best computer view

Simple 3-Step Install

Get back to your game. With our easy 3-step install and expert customer support, your battlestation will be upgraded in no time.

attach wall plate for your gaming monitor mount

1. Mount the wall plate to the wall

connect the monitor arm to the wall plate

2. Attach the arm to the wall plate

put a computer monitor on the arm

3. Connect your monitor to the arm

What's In The Box?

Gas Spring Arm

gas spring monitor arm

Wall Hardware

gaming monitor wall plate

Monitor Hardware

includes installation hardware

Instruction Manual

mount your gaming screen to the wall


Game with us, purchase this mount now on Amazon:


Get your questions answered by monitor mounting experts:


About Tilting Mounts

Upgrade your TV viewing experience even more with ECHOGEAR TV accessories. Here are some options compatible with this mount.



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