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Desk Clamp Power Station With Surge Protection - EGA-PDC163

Desk Clamp Power Station With Surge Protection - EGA-PDC163

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Product Description

Desktop clamping power station with surge protection

Power All Your Stuff

from the comfort of your desktop



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  • Power up to 9 devices at once

    Power up to 9 devices at once

  • clamps to your desk for easy access

    Clamps onto surfaces up to 2.5"

  • protect your devices with 1080J of surge protection

    1080J of surge protection

  • flexible power cord for easy use

    Pivoting 6' power cord

Protection Rating Outlet Capacity USB Style UL Listed
1080 Joules 9 USB-C & USB-A Yes

Sick of digging under your desk or bed looking for somewhere to plug in your stuff? So were we. That's why we built this clamping power strip with surge protection to help conveniently power up to 9 devices at once.

  • Don't go down undah! Charging station clamps onto any surface up to 2.5" thick for struggle-free plugging.
  • Fill 'er up: With 3 USB ports and 6 AC outlets, you'll probably run out of gadgets to plug in. (Time to buy more!) Includes 1 USB-C port and 2 standard USB-A ports.
  • You've got options: Desk edge? Cubicle wall? Headboard? Universal clamp design holds on tight wherever you need power.
  • Protect your portables! UL-certified, 1080 joule surge protected outlets prevent power overload and failures.
  • Power down: On/off switch cuts power to all your gadgets in one fell swoop. (Yup, it's "fell." We looked it up.)
  • 6' power cord goes the distance… to the nearest wall outlet, plus it pivots 90 degrees to make your life even easier.
Power up to 9 devices with the AC & USB ports 1080J of surge protection keeps your gear protected from power surges Pivoting power cord keeps your cables in check

Stop digging under your desk to plug stuff in!


We've all been there before: You roll up to your desk at 7am the morning after one too many beverages the night before. Laptop’s outta’ juice, and you need to plug it in, STAT. You get down on your hands and knees, feeling blindly for the outlet, only to find yourself on a one-way train to strugglesville. Spiderwebs in your hair, a nauseating whiff of that piece of egg salad sandwich you dropped 2 weeks ago – it’s the WORST. Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse… BAM! Noggin, meet desk. Ow.


Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be this way. This slick, clamp-on power strip hangs on tight to your desktop, giving you easy, struggle-free access to 6 AC ports, 2 standard USB ports, and 1 USB-C port all from the comfort and safety of your desk chair. In fact, it’ll clamp onto anything up to 2.5" thick: Headboard? Check. Cube wall? Check. End-table? Checkity-check, check. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Oh! And don't you forget about the rock-solid 1080J of surge protection your devices will get. You'll be laughing in the face of extreme lightning storms with all your favorite gear safe and sound. (Just make sure to laugh at lightning indoors. Because safety.)


Worried about length? A lot of people are. But there's no problem here: The flexible 6ft power cord will reach anywhere you need it to go. (Ok, ok – within 6ft. Duh.) It even pivots 90-degrees to help you keep the cord safely tucked away. Obviously we don't want a repeat of the Great Cord Tripping Incident of '03.


Jealous of the power of virtual assistants? Us too. Their ability to turn off a bunch of lights at once might as well be a superpower. The good news? With this power strip, you can be just as cool! The manual on/off switch controls all 6 AC outlets at once. Don’t worry - your USBs will keep charging though. They'll stay on no matter what to make sure your gadgets are nice and juiced up for that concert tonight. (Pssst: Everyone loves concert Snapchats. Don't listen to the haters.)


As always with Echogear, you’ll get access to our killer customer support team. They’re available to chat it out with you 7 days a week. For real. Ok. If you’ve read this far, you owe yo-self a treat. Pick up this desk clamping power strip today.


Model: EGA-PDC163



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