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4ft Braided HDMI 4k Compatible Cable - EGSH-CH4B-B1

4ft Braided HDMI 4k Compatible Cable - EGSH-CH4B-B1

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Hang with us, purchase this mount now on Amazon:BUY ON AMAZONGet your questions answered by TV mounting experts:CONTACT USRelated ProductsUpgrade your TV viewing experience even more with ECHOGEAR TV accessories. Here are some options compatible with this mount.

tough braided HDMI cable from Echogear

Durable Design With Lightning Fast Signals

4 foot cable with braided jacket



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  • Braided nylon jacket keeps this HDMI cable safe

    Protective braided nylon jacket

  • super fast HDMI signal

    Fast signal can support 4K video

  • Gold plated HDMI heads are slimmer and yet better

    Gold plated for signal clarity

  • works perfect with Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more

    Compatible with all devices

If you want a high quality signal and durable design, this HDMI 4k & HDR compatible cable is your jam. Protected by a braided nylon jacket, this cable is capable of carrying signals at lightning fast speeds.

  • Echogear HDMI cables are ready to support tomorrow's high-end tech while giving you the best signal out of your current setup. They meet the latest HDMI testing standards.
  • Supporting refresh rates up to 120fps with a bandwidth of 48Gbps, this cable supports 4k & HDR but is also backward compatible with standard HD. Supports HDCP2.2 when using HDCP2.2 video source.

  • Gold connector keeps it classy and corrosion-free, meaning seamless signal transfer and decreased distortion for crisp imagery.
  • Black nylon braided jacket protects wires from fraying crimping for good, clean, kink-free fun.
  • Ethernet-ready so you can link all of your networked devices together with an HDMI cable.
  • Model: EGSH-CH4B-B1

Why Does Upgraded HDMI Matter?

Future-proof your TV setup and get the most out of your gaming equipment by upgrading your HDMI cable.

Wondering why upgraded HDMI cables matter? Here's what our cables have that older ones don't.

1. More Bandwidth

Think of HDMI bandwidth as how much information can be transmitted at one time. New HDMI cables have 2.6x greater bandwidth than older cables. 48Gbps (vs 18Gbps) is a crazy amount of bandwidth that will be able to support resolutions up to 10k. That's right, 4k signals are a piece of cake for this cable. Upgrading your cable is like replacing a 2 lane dirt road with a speedy 5 lane highway, so tell your data the commute is about to get easier.

2. Faster Refresh Rate

Traditional HDMI cables can support 4k content, but only up to 60fps. As computers and gaming systems continue to become more robust, so do the hardware requirements. The best gaming system in the world won't be able to realize it's full potential without an upgraded HDMI cable. Always remember, your hardware is only as good as the cable that connects it together.

3. Dynamic HDR

You've probably heard of HDR (High Dynamic Range) on newer TVs, and quite frankly it's awesome. While 4k gets a lot of hype, HDR is the best improvement in TV picture since HD became a thing. The next evolution is Dynamic HDR which allows each scene to maximize HDR's capabilities, instead of a single setting for the entire movie. That means contrast on all scenes will be perfect. Just remember, your hardware has to be capable of using Dynamic HDR for this cable to transmit the signal.


Overall, if you are buying a new HDMI cable, getting a 4k & HDR compatible cable is the best bet. While your Roku, Blu Ray Play, or PlayStation Plus might not be able to take advantage of the awesome specs today, you'll be glad you have the best cable when new technologies come out.



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