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6ft Ultra Slim Flexible HDMI Cable - ECHO-ACSH6

6ft Ultra Slim Flexible HDMI Cable - ECHO-ACSH6

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Flexible HDMI cable is excellent for video signals including 4K

Good Things Come
In Small Packages

..and by good things we mean HD video



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  • improved HDMI cable flexibility for any tight fits

    Smaller, more flexible connector

  • super fast HDMI signal

    Fast signal can support 4K video

  • Gold plated HDMI heads are slimmer and yet better

    Gold plated for signal clarity

  • works perfect with Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more

    Our cable + streaming devices = love

Get the highest quality video experience with the most streamlined HDMI cable. Tight fits or bent corners are no problem for this bad boy. Built for durability, the 24k gold plated heads transmit strong, clear signals.

  • This cable is fast. easily displaying content up to 1920x1080 resolution at 120 Hz. Not sure what those specs mean? It means this cable will take advantage of your TVs fancy technology for crisper touchdown passes, and more vivid explosions.
  • The cable itself if 50% slimmer, and the head is 40% smaller, yet you get the best signal possible. A tight fit behind your flat screen TV is no problem.
  • Whoever says size doesn't matter is a liar. The smaller cable is more flexible, easily handling corners.
  • All gold every thang...well at least the connector is gold plated. For the clearest signal, we're as good as gold.
  • Forget about 1080P. This cable will carry the highest quality signals achievable by today's technology. Including 4K and HDR.

  • Model: ECHO-ACSH6




    "Hellooo skinny and flexible! Big and bulky, take a hike—sucka!" -Andy


    “Fantastic SLIM-head if your HDMI connections are tight” -Sandra F.


    “Fantastic cables, they arrived in a neat little package with a contact number prominently displayed if the user was having any issues with the cable. I like that.” -The K

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