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Micro USB to USB-C Adapter - ECHO-AAU1

Micro USB to USB-C Adapter - ECHO-AAU1

Product Details

Product Description

Convert any micro-USB cable into a USB-C compatible cable

From Micro-USB to USB-C Instantly

Turn any Mirco-USB cable into a USB-C compatible one.



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  • micro USB to USB-C adapter from Echogear

    Converts signals to USB-C

  • qualcomm quick charge enabled USB-C adapter

    Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge

  • Compatible with all USB-C Gadgets

    Works with all USB-C gadgets

  • adapt your existing micro usb cables to usb-c in seconds

    Crazy fast transfer speeds

Brings your Micro-USB cables back to life by converting them to be USB-C compatible. Slim design is easy to use and carry.

  • Plays well with others! Simple, minimal adapter converts Micro-USB signals to make them USB-C compatible.
  • Oh you fancy, huh? Compatible with the latest, USB-C tech like the MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, & Galaxy S8.
  • Warp speed engaged: USB 2.0 protocol supports Qualcomm Quick Charge, and crazy fast data transfer (480 Mbps).
  • Comes with a braided strap that can connect to your work bag or key chain, so you'll never be without USB-C connectivity.
  • Built to last, the durable design will keep your devices working as hard as you do.

  • Model: ECHO-AAU1




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