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Dual Steel Wall-Mounted AV Shelf - EGAV2

Dual Steel Wall-Mounted AV Shelf - EGAV2

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Product Description

With a dual wall mounted component shelf, you now have a great place for your components under a mounted tv

Do It Yourshelf

with an easy to install wall-mounted shelf



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  • a double shelf to hold your Playstation and cable box

    Installs in any wall type

  • strong to hold up to 20lbs of your consoles and streaming devices

    Holds up to 20lbs

  • made of steel instead of those tempered glass posers

    Made of durable steel

  • a fast install process so your floating shelf can be up faster

    Quick 15 minute install

Shelf Dimensions Install Time Shatter Proof? Max Weight
11" x 15" 15 mins Yes 20lbs

Give your components a sturdy and sleek home with the ECHOGEAR AV Dual shelf. Each shelf can hold up to 10lbs of components such as your Xbox One, Roku, or cable box. It can be installed in about 15 minutes, meaning you have over 23 hours left in the day to finally clean the garage. The streamlined design will give your house some serious cred. ECHOGEAR AV Shelves - changing your life, one component at a time.

  • With compatibility in wood, concrete, and dry wall, the ECHOGEAR Dual AV Shelf works in every application.
  • No worries if you have multiple components. This dual AV shelf can hold multiple AV accessories up to 10 lbs on each shelf. 10 + 10 = 20, give us extra credit for showing our work.
  • Assembly in 15 minutes, how easy is that? That's half an episode of your favorite show. If you don't have time for this, then I guess you like your accessories on the floor…
  • Safe and durable steel won't shatter like tempered glass in other shelves.
each shelf can hold 10lbs so that makes 20lbs in total of game consoles, cable boxes, and streaming devices made of durable steel, this shelf won't shatter like tempered glass shelves the wall mounted shelf will install in almost any wall, so you can get back to watching TV faster

About Wall Shelves

Give your components the home they deserve

Before wall mounted TVs, things were pretty simple (and boring). You put your clunky VCR and cable box below the TV on some type of furniture that probably weighed 1,000lbs. Now that flat screens weigh less than a baby walrus, mounting them has become the preferred choice of the Milky Way Galaxy (we can't speak for Andromeda).


Once you’ve mounted your TV, you are free to swap that behemoth furniture out for something more simple and elegant, enter the wall-mounted AV shelf. By putting your components on a shelf directly below the mounted TV, and floor space can be cleared. You’ll have so much new space for activities, in the words of the legendary Brennan Huff, “So many activities! It’s making my head spin how many activities we can do.”


One of the best features of wall mounted shelves is the wall compatibility. Because they can be installed in wood studs, concrete, or dry wall, you can position it exactly where you want it on the wall, no drill required.


Fit anything up to 20lbs on this double-wall mounted shelf, such as an Xbox One, Roku, or cable box. If you have fewer components you need to shelve, see our Single Steel Wall-Mounted AV Shelf.


Model: EGAV2



    “Awesome product. Easy to install, looks great on the wall, and holds everything I need it to. And excellent price point.” -LisaGal14


    “Great product , holds my DVD player and Comcast box.” -Renee


    “Just what we needed to hold the receiver of our TV . We have it on a cement wall on our patio.” -KAB

Simple 3-Step Install

Not into puzzles? Hang with us. With an easy 3-step installation, you'll be done in less than 30 minutes. Your beer will still be cold.

step one of the easy install is to mount the wall bracket to the wall

1. Screw the bracket into the wall

step two is to attach the shelf to the wall mount

2. Mount the shelf to the bracket

third step is to put you xbox, playstation, cable box, roku, apple tv, or amazon fire stick on the shelf

3. Add your favorite components

What's In The Box?

Steel Shelves

two steel shelves will float on your wall and hold your favorite components

Wall Plate

Wall plate is strong enough to hold your satillite box or game console

Hardware Packet

Our hardware pack is perfect for installing in drywall or other wall types


Get the best instructions from our install manual


Hang with us, purchase this mount now on Amazon:


Get your questions answered by TV mounting experts:


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