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Height-Adjustable Sound Bar Mount - EGSB1

Height-Adjustable Sound Bar Mount - EGSB1

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Mounting a soundbar is a great way to improve the sound that comes form your mounted tv

For Sound That Moves
With Your TV

mount your sound bar in under 15 minutes



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  • soundbar mount attaches right to the bottom of your TV

    Attaches to the back of your TV

  • fast install for sound bars

    Simple 15 minute install

  • height adjustable for the perfect fit

    Height adjustable for the perfect fit

  • sound from your soundbar will move with your TV

    Sound moves with your TV

Wanna hang with us? The ECHOGEAR sound bar mount allows you to hang your sound bar below your TV to maximize your TV viewing experience. Unlike other solutions that require you to drill additional holes in your wall, this mount attaches directly to your wall mounted TV. It is height adjustable, so you can bump that slick sound bar right to the bottom of your TV, has a universal design, and holds up to 15 pounds. Luckily for you, it works with most sound bars, and has built in laser beams. One of those is a lie. Choose wisely, choose ECHOGEAR (Too Cheesy? Deal with it).

  • We'll fit right in! Universal design and an assortment of hardware allows this sound bar mount to fit with most candy bars. I mean sound bars. Sorry, I wrote this during lunch time.
  • This is not a daunting task. All you need is your Phillips Screwdriver and you can have this installed in 15 minutes, or half an episode of Family Guy.
  • Height adjustable to ensure you have that flush look with your sound bar snug up against the bottom of your mounted TV. It's almost like your TV and sound bar are one. Mind… blown.
  • This sound bar mount loves friends, and it is a good thing since it mounts easily with most TV mounts, VESA Patterns, and is universal for TV sizes and sound bars up to 15lbs.
  • Are you sick of one direction…. Sound? Well so are we. With the ECHOGEAR Sound Bar mount, sound travels in the same direction as your TV.
  • We give it our all. Easy to follow instructions and customer service availability every day of the week.

About Mounting A Soundbar

For sound that moves with your TV, and a suave look that is sure to impress your Tinder date.

So you’ve successfully mounted your TV, but now your sound bar is still sitting on the old TV stand, and it looks like pure garbage. By mounting the sound bar to your TV, all your problems will magically disappear.


Not only will it look wayyyyyy better, but if you have a full-motion TV mount, the sound will travel with the screen when you swivel it. Making your Game of Thrones marathon that much better. If you disagree, than you know nothing, Jon Snow. 


Sound bar mounts connect to the same VESA holes your mount screws into, as opposed to other solutions that require you to drill more holes into your wall. Your drill battery is probably dead anyways, so don’t worry about that. Steal Phillip’s screwdriver and in 15 minutes you'll have a perfect solution that is safe for your sound bar. It doesn't matter if you have an ECHOGEAR TV Mount (the best ever), or some other mount, this will work.


Not sure if your sound bar will fit with this mount? We have a universal design that can fit almost any sound bar, including those with wide mounting holes. The height adjust knobs make fitting your sound bar under your TV simple. Our US based support team is here 7 days a week in case you have questions, or need help deciding what to wear tonight (wear the fanny pack).


Model Number: EGSB1

adjust the height of your soundbar to fit perfectly with your flatscreen tv Built to accomodate mounting a soundbar to almost every brand of TV and TV mount Designed to accomodate almost all soundbar mounting holes even extra wide holes like on Vizio or Sonos soundbars



    “Very satisfied with the results. This seems to have more flexibility in connecting to your sound bar than most of the competitors.” -Brain S.


    “Very well built, and echogear's email support is super fast.” -Barry


    “Well made quality product. Very pleased. Highly recommend!” -Vernon N.

Simple 3-Step Install

Don't have much time? No worries, with our 3-step install process, you'll be done in 15 minutes. That gives you plenty of time for a pregame beer run.

to improve the sound from your soundbar, use an ECHOGEAR sound bar mount

1. Assemble the sound bar mount

connect the sound bar mount brackets to the back of your flatscreen tv

2. Attach the mount to your TV

Finally, connect your soundbar to the Tv, it fits everything from Bose and Vizio to Sonos and Polk

3. Connect the sound bar to the mount

What's In The Box?

Vertical Arms

vertical brackets attach to the VESA pattern of your TV

Horizontal Arms

mount your sound bar to the horizontal brackets

Hardware Packet

our extensive hardware pack improves compatibility with sound bars like Vizio and Samsung


expert instructions means a simple install process


Hang with us, purchase this mount now on Amazon:


Get your questions answered by TV mounting experts:


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