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Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 26"-55" TVs - EGMF1

Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 26"-55" TVs - EGMF1

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Get a modern look to your living space with a wall mounted articulating TV bracket

Easily Mount Your TV In A Corner

with the flexible single-stud design



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  • this TV wall mount can swivel, tilt, and extend so you get the best view

    Extends and articulates easily

  • this mount has the most swivel you can get from a full motion mount

    Swivels the furthest of our mounts

  • this TV mount is perfect to mount a TV in the corner

    Ideal for corner mounted TVs

  • It is fast to install this TV mount

    Quick and easy install process

Fits TV dimensions Swivel Extension Tilt
26" - 55" 180º 20" 15º

For a TV mount that can do it all, look no further. This single stud full motion TV mount can extend, swivel, and tilt effortlessly to get you the best picture. For TVs under 55" this is the best choice.

  • This heavy-gauge TV mount has high standards, holding 26" - 55" TVs weighing up to 60lbs.
  • Pulling out to 20" and back in to 2.9" from the wall gives your TV smooth moves.
  • Effortless 180° swiveling capability gives you the best view from any seat in the house.
  • With a flexible design, our mounts are compatible with all TV brands, including Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and Vizio.
  • Window glare bugging you? 15-degree tilt capability makes adjustments easy. No tools, no fuss, no hands. Just kidding, you'll need your hands.
  • With easy 30 minute install on a single wood stud, we've got you covered with all hardware included and pre-divided.
  • We give it our all. Easy to follow instructions and customer service availability every day of the week.
  • Don’t worry, we’ll do the heavy lifting: ECHOGEAR mounts are tested to hold 4 times the weight they're rated to.

About Medium Full Motion TV Mounts:

Full motion capabilities, on a single stud.

For medium sized screens (26”-55”), mounting with a single stud full motion mount opens up a world of possibilities, choose your own adventure.

If you are mounting your TV in a corner, this is the perfect solution. Every corner mounted TV isn’t equal. Sometimes your furniture is off to the side because you need space to reenact pro wrestling moves (STONE COLD STUNNER). That means your mount needs the extension and swivel to handle it. Medium full motion mounting brackets check both boxes. They can support large TVs and still have the maneuverability to sit exactly where you need the TV to be in the corner.

With up to 20” of extension and 180º of swivel, this versatile mount is for more than just corner mounted TVs. Anywhere you want a TV up to 55” to go, this bracket can handle it. The single-stud install means you can get back to watching Westworld before your friends spoil it on Twitter.

Our unpaid social-media intern Josh Theintern says this is his favorite mount because it looks like a ninja star. If that gets you excited, great, otherwise ignore him or throw some shade his way on Facebook.

Anyways, another benefit of a single-stud mount is ease of install. This is definitely one DIY project someone can tackle on their own. We provide the instructions and mount, you provide the beer, and we’ll have a hot TV mounting date. But seriously, our US-based experts are available 7 days a week if you run into a snag.

Have a TV larger than 55" that you still want to be able to swivel? Check out this bad boy.


Model: EGMF1-BK


Install Hardware Included:
5/16" x 2.75" Lag Bolts (4)
Lag Bolt Washers (4)
M4 x 12mm Screws (4)
M4 x 35mm Screws (4)
M6 x 12mm Screws (4)
M6 x 35mm Screws (4)
M8 x 16mm Screws (4)
M8 x 25mm Screws (4)
M8 x 35mm Screws (4)
M8 x 50mm Screws (4)
M4/M5 Washers (4)
M6/M8 Washers (4)
22mm (7/8") TV Spacers (4)

Low profile design for flat screen tvs gives you an awesome look for your DIY project Easily articulate and move the TV wall mount to almost any position Flexible VESA pattern means almost universal compatibility with major TV brands like TCL, Sony, and Toshiba



    “Easy to install TV mount. And it's sturdy!”. -T.S.


    “Best darn articulating wall mount I have seen.” -Amazon Customer.


    “Great product and even better customer service” -Jeff

Simple 3-Step Install

Not into puzzles? Hang with us. With an easy 3-step installation, you'll be done in less than 30 minutes. Your beer will still be cold.

Connect the brackets to your flat screen television

1. Connect the bracket to your TV

Bolt the sturdy metal wall plate to your wood studs or concrete

2. Mount the wall plate to a stud

Put your HD TV onto the wall plate and swivel, tilt, or extend as needed

3. Attach the TV to the wall plate

What's In The Box?

Wall Plate & Arm

this wall plate can swivel and tilt

Extender Brackets

Extend the bracket to fit large flat screen TVs

Hardware Packet

Hardware for universal installations


get an awesome install manual and free hdmi cable


Hang with us, purchase this mount now on Amazon:


Get your questions answered by TV mounting experts:


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