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Universal TV Swivel Stand for 32"-60" TVs - EGTV1

Universal TV Swivel Stand for 32"-60" TVs - EGTV1

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Can't mount you TV? Try upgrading the stand to improve stability, increase safety, and add swivel with height adjust

Upgrade Your TV

with the top rated TV stand on Amazon



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  • improve the strength and stability of your TV by replacing the stand

    Improves the stability of your TV

  • swivel your TV without mounting it

    Swivels for better viewing angles

  • effortlessly adjust the heigh of your TV

    Lets you adjust TV height

  • No need to drill holes in your wall to get some benefits of mounting

    No holes to drill in your wall

Fits TVs Swivel Height Adjust VESA Patterns
32" - 60" 75º 4" 100x100 - 600x400

TVs are getting bigger and the stands they come with are just getting flimsier. DON'T WORRY, ECHOGEAR TO THE RESCUE! Sorry, we were just testing our opening for our new infomercial. The ECHOGEAR TV stand is a great solution for those looking to get some of the benefits of mounting a TV, without having to drill holes in their wall. Enjoy watching TV from any seat in the room with 75 degrees of swivel, height adjustment for the perfect view, and 15 minute assembly so you can get back to the chill part of your Netflix marathon quicker. That's right, we're hip (or whatever the kids say these days).

  • Not sure if your TV will fit with our TV base? Our universal design and a plethora of hardware fits most TVs 32"-60" up to 60 lbs. Now you can worry about other things. Seriously, get your life together.
  • With 4" of total height adjustment, your TV is always at eye level and allows you to place AV components on the universal TV base. What more can you ask for?
  • Look to your left. Now look to your right. You, and all your friends can view the TV from any seat in the room with 37 degrees and swivel left and right.
  • Need a replacement TV stand? With near universal compatibility, this is the TV stand you are looking for *does Jedi Mind Trick wave*.
  • Assembly time is less than 15 minutes and minimal tools are required. Unless you invite your buddy Carl over to watch the game, that guy is a tool.
  • The stands that come with your TV just don't compare. Not only do you get all of these features, but our TV stand provides more stability allowing you to worry about your hometown team, not your TV tipping over.
give your TV the swivel it deserves, up to 75º to increase viewing angles to your tv watch TV from anywhere in the room by turning the tv, and it is sturdy too with almost 5 inches or height adjustment, you can raise or lower your TV to fit components or soundbars underneath

About Replacement TV Stands

Get some of the benefits of mounting a TV, without drilling holes in your wall.

We get it, there might be a reason you can’t mount your TV, such as:

    • You are currently in a rental home, apartment, or dorm, and don't think your crabby landlord would love holes in the wall

    •     You aren't good with commitments, and might want to move the TV at some point

    •     Maybe you are just scared of drilling holes in your wall

 Don’t worry, while we make pretty damn awesome TV mounts, we didn’t forget about you. By replacing the filmsy stand your TV came with, you can get some of the benefits of mounting a TV.  Plus with universal compatibility with major TV brands such as Vizio, Toshiba, TCL, Insignia, Samsung, LG, Sharp and more - we got you completely covered!

First, the stability and safety of your TV will increase exponentially (we did the math). Now you no longer need a safe word in case your TV tips over onto you (for the record, my safe word was "whiskey"). On top of that, replacing your TV stand will give you swivel, so instead of picking up the TV and adjusting it, you can change where it is facing with one finger, toe, scaly man fish hand, or whatever you’ve got free.

You might be asking, “but where in the world will I put my soundbar with this new stand?”, we’ve got your back, Jack. Our stand is height adjustable, not only will it always be at eye-level, but you can fit components like a sound bar beneath the TV for a finished look you've only dreamed of. And to that,  Shia LaBeouf said it best, "Don't let your dreams be dreams."

Install Hardware Included:
5/16" x 2.75" Lag Bolts (4)
Lag Bolt Washers (4)
M4 x 12mm Screws (4)
M4 x 35mm Screws (4)
M6 x 12mm Screws (4)
M6 x 35mm Screws (4)
M8 x 16mm Screws (4)
M8 x 25mm Screws (4)
M8 x 35mm Screws (4)
M8 x 50mm Screws (4)
M4/M5 Washers (4)
M6/M8 Washers (4)
22mm (7/8") TV Spacers (4)


Model: EGTV1



    “The stand it great, the tech support is super. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!” -Micktarheel.


    “Great and stable stand for my older TV that had was missing a stand after having been wall mounted for years.” -Tan D.


    “Had all parts we needed and so much better than the leg stands the original TV came with.” -Sup Girl

Simple 3-Step Install

Not into puzzles? Hang with us. With an easy 3-step installation, you'll be done in less than 30 minutes. Your beer will still be cold.

start upgrading your TV by putting brackets on the back of your TV, all brands are compatible including Sony, Toshiba, and Vizio

1. Screw the brackets to your TV

Build the base of the TV with the included hardware, now you are ready to attach your Panasonic or TLC tv

2. Assemble the stand

Connect the TV to the base, and adjust the height and swivel for the perfect TV viewing experience

3. Hang the TV on the stand

What's In The Box?

TV Bracket

built to be compatible with all TVs like Sony, Tosiba, and TCL

Stand Base

the sturdy base will keep your TV safe while you enjoy a upgraded TV experience

Hardware Packet

With a wide array of hardware, you can be sure your TV will fit with this stand


The instructions are perfect for quick installs for your new TV


Hang with us, purchase this mount now on Amazon:


Get your questions answered by TV mounting experts:


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