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How To Mount A TV On Drywall Without Studs

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There are few things in life more satisfying than getting your TV off its crappy stand and onto the wall. The heavenly tones of Whitney Houston are sure to play in your head as you slip into your eagle kimono & settle onto the couch. Watching Will Smith kick some ass in I, Robot just hits you different with the TV on the wall. So let's get it mounted, even if you don't have wood studs to attach to.

How To Mount A TV With No Wood Studs

Mounting your TV is traditionally done by drilling into wood studs behind the drywall. But what happens if your wall doesn't have studs? What if your annoying landlord says no drilling allowed? In the past, you'd be stuck with your TV sitting on a mammoth piece of furniture, but no more. Thanks to pure American grit and ingenuity, we've created a drywall mount that has more than enough muscle to support TVs up to 100lbs. That includes almost any size TV under 100lbs. So bring on your 55", 70", or even 77" TV. You'll be able to safely and securely mount them to the wall with the Echogear Drywall TV Mount.

You are probably thinking if I can barely hang my Lil' Sebastian memorial framed photo from a nail in the drywall, how the frick is my TV supposed to stay on the wall? All it takes is a Karl Malone (32) number of nails. Sure 32 nails is a lot, but I've heard about your hammerschlagen game and you could use some practice whacking nails. But for real, holding up to 100lbs safely requires a lot of nails to distribute the load, and when it comes to your TV, we'd rather error on the side of safety. We'll satisfy our penchant for danger by drifting our '96 Toyota Corolla on country roads while pounding cans of Monster, the full-sugar kind. We are outta control.

Do you think hammering in that many nails will take forever? Well, it won't. This is our fastest mount to install, just check out the video below. 2 Echogear team members went head to head in a race, drywall TV mount install vs Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Challenge. You might be surprised at the outcome:

Wow, Victoria (the one with the hammer) is an absolute machine. While you might not be able to beat her 2:08 time, you should have no problem getting your TV on the wall in under 20 minutes. To install the brand new Echogear drywall TV mount, you'll just need to complete 3 simple steps.

1. Attach brackets to the back of your TV

how to mount a tv to drywall no studs

Some TV mounts don't come with the hardware to attach to all TVs. We put a ton of screws (probably too many) into each mount to ensure compatibility with all of the top TV brands. That includes Samsung, Vizio, TCL, Sony, and more. Basically if it's got mounting holes, it'll work. Want to make sure? Check out our MountFinder tool to ensure compatibility with your TV. What should you do with all those extra screws? You could use them as stocking stuffers for your least favorite child, or even better, put them in a tube sock as a home-defense weapon. Criminals don't stand a chance against you and your sock of screws.

Time for a trip down memory lane. Remember those kick-ass toys you'd find in a box of cereal? We liked those, so we tossed 2 magnetic standoffs in the box. While they might not be as cool as spoon Lightsabers, they'll give you additional install options.

starwars cereal spoons

Naturally, drywall TV mounts will tilt down because the bottom of the screen isn't supported by anything. This kills glare and is cool in most setups. But if want your screen to be flush with the wall, additional room to access cables, or to prevent wall scratching, these standoffs will do the trick. Just magnetically attach them to the back of the screen after you screw in the TV bracket.

2. Nail The Wall Plate Into The Drywall

drywall nails hold tv to the wall

This is the fun part. Take out all your frustration on the 32 included nails. While we don't expect you to be as fast as Victoria in the video (she's damn near Thor with that hammer), it won't take very long. As a bonus, there's a built-in bubble level so you can't mess it up. You'll end up with a perfectly straight mounted TV, every time.

Need a soundtrack for this part? This might qualify as a dad joke, but STOP, HAMMER TIME!

3. Attach The TV To The Wall Plate

no stud tv mount install

You might want a friend for this part unless you've been putting in extra reps at the gym. You'll hang the TV from the wall plate. Not much more to say here. On top of being super simple to install, there are a few extra features to our good ole drywall TV mount. First off, it's super low profile. Like, Deadpool level of super. It holds your TV a razor-thin 1.18" from the wall. That's the lowest profile TV we make, and it isn't close. If a sexy aesthetic is important to you (and why wouldn't it be), this drywall mount will keep your living room suave.

And if that didn't get your motor running, maybe this will. Locking this TV onto the wall is one of the most oddly satisfying things there is. There's a built-in button you get to push at the end to finish the job with a satisfying "click". To disengage the TV for removal, just push in the button, make your adjustments and lock it back down.

When it comes to mounting a TV to drywall without studs, make sure you choose a safety-tested mount. This thing's been UL tested (a fancy way of saying you can trust it). Don't get fooled by bargain bin TV mounts. They haven't put in the hours make sure your TV stays on the wall. When you pick Echogear, you get a quality product at an affordable price. Plus you get to read our witty instructions which is a huge plus. On top of that, our TV mount experts are available 7 days a week if you have questions or need some assistance. Looking for the ultimate TV mount setup? Check out our in-wall and on-wall cable management solutions to get those ugly cables out of the way. If you're mounting a TV, do it with the AV OG's at Echgoear. Let's hang.

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