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Our Mission
ECHOGEAR has a fever, and the only prescription is upgrading your gear. From TV mounts and stands to shelves and cables, we've got your back when it comes to improving your TV viewing experience.

TV Mounts - Hang With Us
Our line of TV mounts includes a mount for almost any application. Full-motion mounts (we've got 3 sizes) can extend, swivel, and tilt, and are a must for corner mounted TVs. Tilting mounts can reduce glare and perform best when mounting at or above eye level, such as over a toasty fireplace. The last type is fixed position, you set it at eye level and forget it. It is the easiest to mount, and has a profile that can get so low, it would make Lil Jon proud.

If you aren't able to mount your TV, but want some of the benefits, then we've got just the thing for you. Our Universal Swiveling TV Stand is an upgraded stand that allows your TV to swivel up to 75º and has 4" of height adjust. Don't trust your TV to the flimsy "stand" it came with, the Swiveling TV Base also improves the safety and stability of your precious flat screen TV.

TV Accessories - Upgrade Your Gear
We've also got a kick-ass line of accessories ready to help you take your entertainment to the next level. It includes wall-mounted shelves for holding a cable box or game console, or sound bar brackets so you can mount a sound bar to your TV for a sweet look and added functionality.

You can't connect all your electronics without cables, and we make it rain HDMI and Optical cables. We've the HDMI cables with ultra-slim heads for maneuverability and easy plugability (made that word up). Get crystal clear audio with our optical cables so you, and your neighbors, can hear epic the fight scene (spoiler alert, the good guys win).

ECHOGEAR Is Here For You
All of this comes with a simple install process, and ECHOGEAR's world famous customer support. Our US-based experts are standing by 7 days a week to answer questions, help guide you through the install, or just to catch up on things. Hit us up!

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