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TV Mounts

TV Wall Mounts For The DIYer

Here at Echogear, we like to enjoy life. And we think mounting your TV on the wall should be a fun project for any DIYer. That’s why we make TV mounts that are simple to put up and use. You shouldn't need an engineering degree to make your living room look sweet.

tv wall mounting brackets from echogear

Quality TV Mounts At A Normal People Price

Shopping for TV mounts can be tricky. Either you get super cheap trash that doesn’t have all the bells & whistles, or you pay way too much. We combine top tier wall mount features, at a price for normal people.

All The TV Mounts We Could Think Of

Every living room/kitchen/downstairs bar is different. You might need a full-motion TV mount that can point anywhere, or a low profile design to stay out of the way. Maybe you don’t have wood studs and need a drywall only mount. Whatever you need, we’ve got a wall bracket that’ll work.

Not sure where to start? Our snazzy MountFinder tool pairs up our TV mounts with your TV model, guaranteeing compatibility with all major TV brands including Samsung, TCL, Vizio, and more. That’s one less thing to worry about when picking out a mount.

Straight Forward Installation

Buying stuff online can feel like rolling the dice, especially when it comes to install instructions. Our install manual guy, Mark, has got your back. He keeps it simple, will make you laugh, and most importantly gives you all the tips and tricks to get your TV mounted perfectly on the wall, the first time.

Hit a snag? We’ve got real-life Minnesotans available 7 days a week to help with install or give you dating advice. Here’s a free one: avoid slam poetry as a first date.

easy to install tv wall mount for drywall

TV Accessories For Days

Upgrading your living room doesn’t stop with a TV mount. We’ve been busy adding accessories that will help make your life better. From TV cable management to soundbar mounts & surge protection, if there’s something you need to for your TV, we’ve probably got it.



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