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Low Profile Surge Protector Power Strip With USB Ports - EGAV-ASU81

Low Profile Surge Protector Power Strip With USB Ports - EGAV-ASU81

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Heavy duty surge protector power strip

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  • Protects electronics from surge damage

    2160 of surge protection

  • 8 outlet power strip

    8 protected AC outlets

  • fireproof design protects your home from lightning strikes

    Fireproof MOV technology

  • USB ports to power & protect your devices

    2 efficient USB ports

Protection Rating Outlet Capacity Electricity Filtering UL Listed
2160 Joules 8 AC & 2 USB EMI & RFI Yes

Top-notch surge protection in a low profile design. Plug & protect 8 AC outlets and 2 USB ports.

  • With 8 outlets and 2 USB ports, you'll be able to power and protect 10 devices at once. 2160J of the best quality surge protection keeps your gear safe from power surges.
  • It's almost impossible to plug a USB cable in on the first try, but you'll get plenty of practice with the 2 USB ports. Quickly and efficiently charge your stuff with 3.4A of USB power.
  • It's like a Brita filter for your power. Filters out harmful signals in the power supply to deliver a clean charge that can increase the lifespan of your gear.
  • Get power where you need it. Safety covers lock unused outlets, and the back has keyhole slots for wall mounting. Long 6' power cord helps you reach that awkwardly placed outlet.
  • In the immortal words of Mr. Billy Joel, we didn't start the fire. Fireproof MOVs (device that absorbs the electricity) keeps your home safe in the event of a monster surge.
  • UL listed surge protector with 5-year $25k warranty.
8 outlet surge protector with USB ports Mount the surge protector to your wall Sliding safety covers keep everyone safe

About ECHOGEAR Surge Protection

High-quality surge protection doesn't need to come in an ugly, oversized package. Get top of the line surge suppression with a ton of extra features all in a sexy low-profile design. And yes, we just referred to a power strip as sexy. So, what does it have that should turn you (or your electronics) on?


Top-Notch Surge Protection

Not 100% sure what all the techy surge protector mumbo jumbo means? No worries. Think of Joules as the number of surges a power strip can take before it needs to be replaced. Higher ratings = longer lasting protection for your important stuff. With 2160 Joules of protection this bad boy will protect 10 devices for much longer than other power strips. When a huge power surge hits, all that extra voltage needs to go somewhere. That's where the X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) comes in. It'll soak up all the extra energy and keep it from reaching your TV, refrigerator, etc.. We even fireproofed it to ensure your home, and more importantly your dog, stay safe in the event of a massive power surge.


As if protecting your electronics and dog from power surges wasn't enough, we took it to another level. While talking dirty is usually a good thing, that's not the case when your dirty power supply is talking to your electronics. Large appliances cause electromagnetic and radio frequency interference in the power supply. Our surge protectors filter out that dirty power to deliver clean energy to your gear, which helps it last longer, and who doesn't wish they lasted longer?


Extra Extra Features

Powering 10 devices on one power strip is sweet, and having 2 USB ports is even sweeter. Aside from charging any mobile device, they can be used to power a streaming stick. Not planning on using all 8 AC outlets at once? Sliding safety covers lock the unused outlets to keep anyone from accidentally zapping themselves. After the Tide Pod challenge, we were pretty concerned that kids might start sticking metal objects in outlets to get hits on their YouTube channel. Problem solved.

While the low-profile design is great for stashing under or behind furniture, sometimes you need a surge protector mounted to the wall to power your TV or workbench. We added 2 mounting holes to the back of the power strip to make hanging it up easy like Sunday morning. Shout out to the Commodores.


Why Echogear Is The Cat's Pajamas

When you’re shopping on Amazon, you never really know who the product is coming from. With Echogear, you can buy with confidence. Our surge protectors are UL listed for quality and safety. If anything were to go wrong, we've got you covered.


The Nerdy Stuff:

  • 2160 Joules Surge Protection w/ Max Spike current 144,000A or 6KV
  • Electrical rating: 15A, 120VAC, 60Hz, 1800W
  • X3 fire-proof Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)
  • 40 dB EMI/RFI noise filtering
  • Clamping Voltage: L-N 400V, L-G 400V, N-G 500V
  • Model: EGAV-ASU81

Surge Protection 101

Not quite sure what all the mumbo-jumbo means when it comes to surge protection? Here's what you need to know.

8 outlet surge protector

Joule Rating: Think of Joules as the number of surges the power strip can take. Higher rating = longer lasting protection. 2160J is a great rating.

Fireproof MOV technology helps your surge protector keep your home safe

Fireproof MOV: MOV is like a sponge that absorbs the voltage during a surge. Ours is encased in ceramic, so it is fireproof & safer for your home.

RFI Filtering makes your electronics last longer by eliminating harmful signals

EMI/RFI Filtering: Appliances in your home produce interference in the power supply, which lowers the lifespan of gear. Filtering removes those harmful signals.


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