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Universal TV Swivel Stand for 32"-65" TVs With Extra Height Adjust - EGTV2

Universal TV Swivel Stand for 32"-65" TVs With Extra Height Adjust - EGTV2

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Product Description

TV stand for large TVs

Take A Stand

and upgrade your TV setup



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  • improve the strength and stability of your TV by replacing the stand

    Holds TVs Up To 65"

  • swivel your TV without mounting it

    Swivels for the best view

  • effortlessly adjust the heigh of your TV

    8" of height adjustment

  • No need to drill holes in your wall to get some benefits of mounting

    No drilling required

Fits TVs Swivel Height Adjust Cable Management
32" - 65" 70º 8" Built-In

TVs keep getting bigger, but the stands they come with aren’t getting any stronger. Honestly, some of those included stands tip over as easily as a frat dude at bar close. Not only does this stand hold your TV stably, safe and tight – it offers the functionality of a TV wall mount without drilling any holes in your wall. It’s height adjustable, it swivels, it hides your cables… there’s not a whole lot this TV stand can’t do. Except make you sandwiches. We’re still working on that.

  • Universal design means this super, duper stable TV stand can hold almost any TV – even the big guys! (And by big, we mean up to 65”.)

  • No drilling = no holes! This replacement TV stand is the perfect alternative to wall-mounting, providing easy-peasy swivel and up to 8” of height adjustment. 

  • We put a cord-hiding, cable management channel into the column of this stand. Because yes, we thought of everything. (You can thank us later.)

  • Our height adjustable TV stand assembles in less than 15 minutes, meaning you can get back to binge-streaming in less time than it takes for the cheese on your frozen pizza to start a-bubblin’.

  • This universal TV stand won’t ruin the look of your setup. Large, black sturdy base is rounded and blends into décor. Kinda’ like camouflage but you know… not. 

  • Our ECHOGEAR Pros are here to help 7 days a week. Go to our website or check your product manual for all the different ways to get in touch with our US-based, real-life product know-it-alls.

Replacement TV feet for Samsung New tv stand for TCL or Sony TV Adjustable tv base for TCL

About Replacement TV Stands

Upgrade your TV stand. Adjust the height & swivel for the perfect viewing angle. Sturdy base keeps your TV safe and secure.

No Holes Here

So you’ve got a big ol’ TV, but you’re living in a rental. Or maybe, you’re dealing with brick walls? Maybe you just don’t wanna’ mess with installing a TV mount or drilling holes in the walls. Whatever your situation - boy, do we have the solution for you! A close (but not too close) cousin of the TV wall mount, this universal replacement stand is the perfect alternative because it’s height adjustable and swivels with the soft touch of a hand. (Mmm… now doesn’t that sound nice?) Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, TCL, Vizio or any other TV brands are compatible with this table top base stand. Also, not to brag or anything… but it safely holds TVs up to 65”. That’s pretty big if we do say so ourselves.

You Can Do It

Put your… screwdriver into it. Ok, fine – that pop culture reference to a very outdated Ice Cube reference wasn’t all that great. But you know what is? The fact that this stand will take you 15 minutes or less to put together. Oh – and since we include all the hardware you could possibly need, you only need to bring a screwdriver and a level to the party. Well, a screwdriver, a level and maybe a buddy. Depending on the size of your TV, a buddy might come in handy. And even if you don’t need help… at least you’ll have company!

Hide Those Cables!

You asked, we listened: Our new TV stand was designed with an integrated cable management channel. Just slip your cables through the top hole in the stand and then right out the bottom of the stand, near the base. They’ll flow (yes, flow) from there into your wall outlet or connected devices such as soundbars or gaming consoles. Now you can hide those ugly cords almost as well as you hide that crappy tattoo you got when you were 16. What a thrill! (Hey, hey – we don’t mean to offend. We just call it like we see it.)

Questions? We're Here 7 Days a Week

Honestly, we have complete and total faith you'll nail this product installation. It's super easy. But some days are hard. And on those days, we're here for you. Well, actually, we're here for you all days - good, bad and everything in between - so get in touch with our US-based support team (AKA: Product Nerds) by giving them a call or shooting them an email. You can find all our contact information on our website or in your product manual. Someone will get back to you pretty darn fast - it's a promise.

Model: EGTV2

Simple 3-Step Install

Not into puzzles? Hang with us. With an easy 3-step installation, you'll be done in less than 30 minutes. Your beer will still be cold.

Lost TV stand vizio

1. Screw the brackets to your TV

Swivel TV stand

2. Assemble the stand

How to swivel TV stand

3. Hang the TV on the stand

What's In The Box?

Stand Base

Upgraded TV stand with swivel

TV Bracket

VESA pattern TV base brackets

Hardware Packet

TV hardware for Samsung, Vizio, TCL TV stand


Easy to understand installation manual


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