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Adjustable Speaker Mount - EGAV-SWMSP

Adjustable Speaker Mount - EGAV-SWMSP

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Product Description

speaker wall mount for small speakers

For Sound That Bumps

Mount your speakers to the wall or ceiling, indoors or out.



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  • Speaker mount tilts and swivels for flexible listening

    Swivel and tilts for best sound

  • Ideal for your bose speakers- mount it on the wall or on the ceiling

    Mountable to wall or ceiling

  • Universally designed for max compatibility

  • Speaker mount for outdoors and indoors

    Weather resistant

Fits Speakers Sold in Pair Material
8lbs or less Yes Nylon

When they go low, we go high. Or, at least you can if you want with these adjustable satellite speaker wall mounts. Trip hazards? Nah. Skip the stands and get just about any satellite speaker weighing up to 8 lbs up and out of the way - either on the wall or the ceiling - for perfectly angled sound, whether you're enjoying it in your home theater or listening ambiently.

  • On the wall behind the couch or up high on the ceiling, these mounts are just the ticket to get your satellite speakers off the stand and out of the way. (Your clumsy friends will thank you.)
  • Designed with the screws and brackets included to fit most satellite and smaller bookshelf speakers weighing up to 8 lbs, we've done the hardware store shopping so you don't have to. Our pleasure.
  • For real, these speaker mounts are compatible with most Vizio, Samsung Sony & Bose small speakers.
  • Tilt or swivel your speaker on this adjustable mount for perfectly-angled sound... because what good does it do if it's blasting in the wrong direction? Answer: Zero.
  • Can be installed easily in less than 15 minutes. Faster than you'd think, right? Your time is valuable and we gotchu.
  • Weather-resistant, nylon construction means you can mount these suckers outside. (Haven't you heard? The deck is the new man cave. Do it up.)
  • Our ECHOGEAR Pros are here to help 7 days a week. Go to our website or check your product manual for all the different ways to get in touch with our US-based, real-life product know-it-alls.

About Satellite Speaker Mounts:


1.Sound Up!

Sure, you could put your speaker on a side table. You could even put it on a stand. But why stop there? Why not be a little extra and mount it directly to the wall or ceiling? These bad boys can be swiveled or tilted to put the sound right where it's supposed to be: In your ear. Because what's the point of having those extra speakers if you're not going to be... well, a little extra with them? Oh - and don't let all this fancy talk scare you: These speakers install in just three steps and in less than 15 minutes with minimal tools (just a drill and a screwdriver).

2.What's Your Angle?

Plan on mounting to the wall? Cool. Point your speaker toward where you'll be sitting. (Duh.) Mounting to the ceiling? Unless Yao Ming attends the lion's share of your small get-togethers, you'll probably want to point your speaker down for the listening benefit of the rest of your vertically-challenged friends. The best part about these mounts? They let you do just that: Not only to they hang on tight to your small surround-sound speakers, but they allow you to get the most out of the sound they pump by being angle-adjustable. Offering up to 120 degrees of left or right swivel and 60 degrees of up or down tilt, these mounts do it all. Well, except make the music. We'll leave that to Miley. (Hey, Party in the USA is still a bop. Don't @ us.)

3. Plays Well With (Most) Others


Let's be honest. Nobody likes going to the hardware store. It's always on the hard-to-get-to side of town, the lighting has a way of making you uncomfortable and it always smells just a little bit too much like fertilizer. It's true - it's a trip almost less fun than one to the DMV, and ECHOGEAR gets that. That's why we took it out of the equation altogether. Yep, we've included the screws and brackets needed to fit the bulk of today's small speakers - Vizio, Sony, Klipsch, Samsung - you name it! As long as it weighs 8 lbs or less, the odds are ever in your speaker's favor that this mount's its match.

Install Hardware included

2 Arm assemblies (each with an attached wall plate / single-hole adapter / cover-plates)

2 Two-hole adapters

2 Extensions,

Four 1/4"-20 x 1/2" bolts

Two 1/4"-20 x 7/8" bolts

Two 1/4"-20 x 1-1/2" bolts

Two M5 x 25mm bolts

Two 8-32 x 5/8" bolts

Two M4 x 8mm screws Four #10 x 1-3/4" wood-screws

2 Key-hole adapter inserts

2 Plastic rings

4 Wall-anchors


Installation Instructions



Model: SWMSP

This mount fits all major brands standalone speakers A speaker mount that can be mounted on ceiling or wall and i also weather resistant This echogear speaker mount offers great surround sound

Simple 3-Step Install

Our 3-step install are easy and simple, your beer will still be cold.

Easy assembly

1. Install the plate on speakers

 The speaker mount can be installed in 3 simple steps

2. Attach mounting plate to wall or ceiling

Secure the speaker stend to the mount

3. Attach your speaker

What's In The Box?

Mounting plates

Elements needed to install speaker to mounts

Arm Extensions

Elements needed to install speaker to mounts


High quality hardware


The easy instruction manual makes it easy to mount this speaker mount


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