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In-Wall Power Cable Management Kit - EGAV-CMIWP1

In-Wall Power Cable Management Kit - EGAV-CMIWP1

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Power cable management kit for TVs

Hide Yo' Power Cables

safely behind the wall



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    Safely route power cables

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    Installs in under 30 minutes

  • paint your cable management covers

    Paint to blend in

  • Mounted tvs are a perfect match

    Perfect for mounted TVs

Stop living with power cords & cables dangling all over the place. Hide them behind the wall in under 30 minutes.

  • YOU CAN DO IT! In-wall cable-routing kit is designed for easy DIY installation behind any wall-mounted TV.
  • You can have whatever you like, but you've already got it. Besides a drill, everything for install is included in the box.
  • Done before the pizza comes: This kit installs in 30 minutes or less.
  • Just like Picasso! But with cable covers. Ok, nothing like Picasso - but the grommets are paintable.
  • Double your power, double your fun: Kit features two outlets that fit most TV plugs up to 1.125" wide.
  • This thing's ETL rated. (AKA: It's electric, but it's safe. And it's been tested to prove it.)
  • Hide yo' wires: Brush style AV/HDMI cable holes let you hide your low-voltage cords for a squeaky clean look.
  • Our ECHOGEAR Pros are here to help 7 days a week. Call 1-855-428-2490 or visit ECHOGEAR.com to chat with a real, live product know-it-all.

About In-Wall Power Cable Management

Visible Cables Look Bad

 Do you hang your toilet paper under? Of course not! Because you're not a psychopath. That's why we know you wouldn't let ugly, messy cables dangle under your TV either. Why go to the trouble of mounting your TV if you're just going eff it up with poor cable management? That's why we designed this easy-to-install, DIY in-wall power cord and cable routing kit - for the good people of the world that would never settle for cable chaos.


Pro Tip? Go No Pro

 You can do this! We have the utmost faith in you and your skills. Ok, we don't actually know anything about your skills, so we made sure this kit was easy to install for ALL cable management enthusiasts. (That sounds nerdy. But also hot, right? Nerdy hot. Sploosh.) Just when you thought it couldn't get better... did we mention it takes less than 30 minutes to install? #micdrop (Don't believe us? Check out the install manual - it's included on this listing.)


It's a Kit in a Box

 You can have whatever you like! (But you've already got everything you need.) As long as you've got a drill handy, you can skip that trip to Home Depot. Complete with hole saw drill attachment, two pre-wired grommets and 6' extension cord, this kit is all-inclusive and ready to install.


We’re Here to Help

 Questions? Installation concerns? Testing knock-knock jokes? We’re here for it. Literally. We’ve got real-life, know-it-all product experts standing by, ready to help seven days a week.


The Nerdy Stuff

  • Cable Pass-Through Width: 1.75"
  • Max Distance Between Top & Bottom Module: 5'
  • Minimum Drywall Thickness: 1/2"
  • Maximum Drywall Thickness: 1"
  • Minimum Space Into Drywall: 3"
  • Saws Included: Drill hole saw attachment
  • Cords Included: 6' extension cable
  • ETL Certified? Hell yeah
  • Model: EGAV-CMIWP1
Hides power cables and low voltage cords in the wall Wall brackets keep you grommets secure Wire hider gives you a clean look

Simple 3-Step Install

Not into puzzles? Hang with us. With an easy 3-step installation, you'll be done in less than 30 minutes. Your beer will still be cold.

Drywall saw cable management

1. Cut precision holes in the wall

Route power cables in the wall

2. Connect the power & route cables

Install cover

3. Attach the grommet cover

What's In The Box?

Cable Grommets

Legrand wiremold power kit

In Wall Extension Cord

in-wall rated extension cord

Drill Saw Attachment

Drywall drill saw attachment

Witty Instructions

Cool instructions


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