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White Echo Dot Wall Mount (3rd Gen) - EDM1-W2

White Echo Dot Wall Mount (3rd Gen) - EDM1-W2

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echo dot wall mount

Make Some Room

Keep It Off The Counter 



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  • Super eazy installation for your amazon echo 3rd genInstalls easily in less than 5 minutes
  • Echogear Mount made for amazon echo dot 3rd gen

    Safely holds Amazon Echo Dot(3rd Gen)

  • Cable management integrated

    Built-in cable management channel

  • Smart speaker mount compatible with drywall and wood stud

    Attach permanently or with 3M Command Strips

Yeah, your Echo Dot is tiny. But it still takes up space you could be using for way more important things - like that Pikachu piggy bank your mom got you last Christmas that you haven't figured out how to return. Get it up and out of the way with our mount for the Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

  • Quick, easy installation in less than five minutes. Hey, we know time is money, pal.
  • Kit includes everything you need for drywall, wood stud or 3M Command Strip installation in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom - you name it.
  • On a wall, under-cabinet or even upside down, your Echo Dot (3rd Gen) stays safe and snug in this mount, no matter where you put it. Yes, even in the event of an earthquake. (We think.)
  • Low profile design available in black or white complements your Echo Dot (3rd Gen) and fits nicely with dècor of any kind... just in case you’re all about that interior design
  • We thought about everything, forget about your Echo Dot (3rd Gen) cords dangling here and there. Wrap your excess cord arounf the base of the mont for a sleek sophisticated look anytime
  • Our pros are available to help 7 days a week. Go to the Echogear website or check your product manual for all the different ways to get in touch with US-based, real-life product know-it-alls.

About Smart Assistant Mounts


Anywhere you want it, that's the way you need it! You're in luck: This mount can be put just about wherever you want it to go. Under the kitchen cabinet? Check. Bathroom wall? Check. Above the nightstand? Why the heck not! The kit includes all the hardware you need to mount this baby with screws or with included 3M Command Strips. Wherever you decide to put it, you can count on this mount to hold on nice and tight to your Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - even if it's mounted upside-down.

Nice and Easy - Just How It Should Be

Isn't the whole point of having a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) to make your life easier? We live in a world where you can order the next pack of [Insert Trendy Sparkling Water Brand Here] - without even leaving the couch. What a time to be alive! It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense if installing the mount that holds your Echo Dot (3rd Gen) didn't follow suit. That's why Echogear designed this mount to be super easy and fast to install. In less than 5 minutes, whether you decide to attach it with screws or with the included 3M Command Strips, you'll be enjoying all the benefits of your Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) again... but with more counter space. Score!

That's a Wrap (Or Down)

Long, excess cable dangling away in the breeze? A jumbled mess taking up precious counter space? That's just reckless. We can't make your cable completely disappear - we're no magicians - but we can help you get the slack out of the way. Just wrap your cord round and round the base of the mount until the desired length is left. Speaking of cables, we made sure the mount doesn't block the power port, so you can plug and unplug at your leisure. (We know, we know. We think of everything. You're right.).

Questions? Echogear’s Here 7 Days a Week


Honestly, the Echogear team has complete and total faith you'll nail this product installation. It's super easy. But some days are hard. And on those days, Echogear’s there for you. Well, actually, Echogear’s here for you all days - good, bad and everything in between - so get in touch with our US-based Echogear support team (AKA: Product Nerds) by giving them a call or shooting them an email. You can find all our contact information on the Echogear website or in your product manual. Someone will get back to you pretty darn fast - it's a promise. Echogear is a trademarked brand not affiliated with Amazon. Echogear is a Legrand AV Inc. brand and a registered trademark owned by Legrand.


Model: EGMA-EDM1-W2 

Reclaim your counter space with echo dot mount solutions Amazon Echo dot speaker mount with no drill required Echo dot Mount with integrated cable management

Simple 3-Step Install

Don't have much time? No worries, with our 3-step install process, you'll be done in under 5 minutes. That gives you plenty of time to clean up after your friends, that was an epic party!

First step is to stick the command strips to the base plate of the echo dot mount

1. Stick command strips to the wall plate

Next, attach the base plate to the wall

2. Press the wall plate unto the desired surface area

Add your Alexa echo speaker to the shelf

3. Add your Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

What's In The Box?


Sturdy echogear amazon echo dot accessory


Bracket to hold your amazon device securely

Hardware Pack

Comes with hardware needed for simple install


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