8' Braided Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable - EGAV-AC21H8

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HDMI 2.1

I Just Wanna Go Fast

with the new HDMI cable



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  • improved HDMI cable flexibility for any tight fits

    Ultra-High speed

  • super fast HDMI signal

    Fast signal can support 4K video

  • eglt2-icon-cables.png

    48 Gbps of bandwidth

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    Experience next gen gaming

This HDMI cable has the black & white Stormtrooper look, but can hit it's shots. It'll let you take advantage of all the newest AV tech and future proof your setup.

  • For the best range of color, HDMI support BT.2020 and 16 bits per color, giving you a wide color gamut. This increases your TVs palette, giving you more lifelike colors
  • This HDMI cable is certified for ultra-high speed. Don't believe us? Scan the QR code on the label.
  • Say goodbye to lag! With quick frame transport and an increased variable refresh rate (VRR), you'll notice a lag-free, crisp image, perfect for bi-screen gaming.
  • Anyone else hate when voice don't match up to the character's mouth? This can be due to an overload of processing by your TV where audio takes longer than video, basically meaning lip sync issues... BUT, with HDMI, your TV will talk in real time to your systems to ensure everything is perfectly in sync

  • Worried that your older devices can't handle the power of HDMI? Think again! These cables are backward compatible meaning they can connect to any HDMI-enabled device.
  • Our ECHOGEAR Pros are here to help 7 days a week. Go to our website or check your product manual for all the different ways to get in touch with our US-based, real-life product know-it-alls.

Why Does Upgraded HDMI Matter


Certified By HDMI

This Ultra High Speed HDMI cable has been tested &certified by HDMI so you know exactly what you're getting. Don't believe us? Scan the QR code on the label for all the deets. And yes, QR codes are still a thing. Buying an HDMI cable that isn't certified can be risky. It's like trying to walk into Chili's without a reservation, you probably aren't getting what you want/ And yes, this cable is backward compatible and will work with all your older HDMI gadgets so don't throw out that PS3 just yet. You never even finished Red Dead 1...

The Need...The Need For Speed

If you think your current 2.0 HDMI cable is fast, wait until you see the HDMI difference. The 48 GBPS bandwidth gets way more done compared to it's 18 Gbps counterpart. That means higher-resolution video, better frame rates, immaculate audio, and more. Just remember, your cable is only as good as what you have connected to it. To get 4k @120Hz, 8k resolution, or any of the high-end specs, both your input and output device must be compatible. Think of the HDMI cable as the highway that transmits date between devices, it's only as good as what you're driving.

Out With The Old, In With The

New TV? Time for new cables to maximize your TV's potential. With our certified HDMI, you'll be able to get faster refresh rates, including 8k resolution at 60Hz and 4k at 120Hz all wile supporting dynamic HDR. 4k signals on older 2.0 cables max out at 60Hz which just doesn't cut it anymore. There's a reason all the gamers and home cinema gurus are flocking to. Don't have new tech just yet? Ulta High-Speed HDMI cables reduce EMI for a cleaner signal on older devices, and future proof you setup when you do make that next big upgrade. Might as well toss that 8k TV on your wedding registry just in case your crazy uncle is feeling wild.

On top of higher resolution and better refresh rates, cables work with all the latest in AV tech. For the best color, HDMI supports BT.2020 and 16 bits per color (aka wide color gamut). David Attenborough nature documentaries will looks so lifelike your dog might whiz itself when the jaguars show up. New HDMI cables are about more than just speedy, high res graphics. You also get top of the line audio features (info for audio nerds below) that allow audio devices ad TV's to talk in real time. That ensures everything sounds great and is perfectly in syn - no more lag between your TV and soundbar.

Audiophiles Unite

If you need to get the most out of all your audio devices, you're in the right spot. With the increased bandwidth, this cable introduces eArc, the next generation of HDMI ARC. eArc can handle new high-fidelity audio features that older cables can't touch. It works with Dolby Atmos, DTS Master, DTS:X, Dolby TrueHD, and more. Just make sure to pick a certified HDMI cable (like this one) to guarantee the specs you'll get. Otherwise you'll be rolling the dice hoping to hit a Yahtzee with a knock-off cable. You might get some upgraded specs, but not all of them.

Next Gen Ready

If you're like the Echogear crew, you've already got your hands on a next gen console. And no matter if you're team PS5 of Xbox Series X, you'll want the best HDMI cable to enhance your gaming experience. Next gen consoles give you the ability to game in 4k resoultion at 120Hz when paired with an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable, and a compatible TV. Echogear cables give you 4k gaming at 120Hz if your TV is up to the task. On top of faster, smoother graphics, you'll get Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). and Quick Fream Transport (QT) to basically eliminate lag. This is especially key for PC gamers who want to push the envelope of smooth and game at 144Hz. This cable has the most support for 144Hz gaming while giving up the least. It let's you do 1440p with 4:4:4 or 2160p with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling. 

The Nerdy Stuff

  • 48 Gbps bandwidth
  • Uncompressed 8k @ 60Hz
  • Uncompressed 4k @ 120Hz
  • Certified by HDMI
  • Dynamic HDR compatible
  • Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) support
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) enabled
  • Auto Low latency Mode (ALLM) for gaming
  • Quick Frame Transport (QFT) for PC gamers
  • Backwards compatible with older HDMI devices
  • Lowe EMI design to reduct interference
  • Works with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, & DOlby True HD
  • Compatible with DTS Master, DTS:X, & more
  • BT.2020 and 16 Bits per color
  • Model: EGAV-AC21H8


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8' Braided Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable - EGAV-AC21H8