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Universal TV Mounting Hardware Pack - EGHWTV

Universal TV Mounting Hardware Pack - EGHWTV

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Our hardware kit contains all the screws needed to mount any TV no matter the brand of screen or mount

Make TV Mounting Easier

with a complete  hardware kit



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  • ensure compatibility for tvs up to 80"

    Compatibility for TVs up to 80"

  • all hardware for TV mounting is included

    Pre-divided hardware for ease of use

  • guarnatees compatibility with all TV mounts

    Guarantees a fit with all mounts

  • includes screws washers and spacers to mount your TV to the wall

    Includes screws, washers, & spacers

Fits All TVs and mounts, includes M4, M5, M6, and M8 TV screws and spacers assortment for mounting virtually all TV's up to 80". Model: EGHWTV

  • Yep, this is a big bag of screws (well, and spacers). Why would someone buy a big bag of screws and spacers? It's better than a sack of nuts (especially for those with a peanut allergy).
  • But seriously, no TV screw hole size is the same when mounting a TV. And nothing is more disappointing then buying a TV and mount and realizing you can't throw it on the wall since you don't have the proper screw length.
  • Here is what we promise. This TV pack will ensure you won't be screwed when it comes to mounting your TV.
  • How can we make that promise? We provide M4, M5, M6, and M8 TV Screws and Spacers for mounting virtually ALL TV's up to 80".
  • Even more, M8 Screw Length hardware guarantees compatibility with Samsung TVs in the market today, which tend to have compatibility issues.
  • Make any TV mount install easy with a complete set of pre-divided hardware. The contents were selected to maximize compatibility between all sorts of TV and mount brands. This includes Samsung TVs, which tend to be tricky to mount. Our hardware kit includes screw, washers, and spacers of all shapes and sizes.
  • Included Hardware:

    M4 x 12mm Screws (4)
    M4 x 35mm Screws (4)
    M5 x 12mm Screws (4)
    M5 x 35mm Screws (4)
    M6 x 12mm Screws (4)
    M6 x 20mm Screws (4)
    M6 x 35mm Screws (4)
    M8 x 16mm Screws (4)
    M8 x 20mm Screws (4)
    M8 x 25mm Screws (4)
    M8 x 30mm Screws (4)
    M8 x 35mm Screws (4)
    M8 x 40mm Screws (4)
    M8 x 45mm Screws (4) – Necessary for Samsung Curved TVs
    M8 x 50mm Screws (4) – Necessary for Samsung Curved TVs

    M4/M5 Washers (8)
    M6/M8 Washers (8)

    2.5mm Spacer (8)
    22mm “Bump-Out” Spacers (4)

The streaming device mount works with any device like Roku, Apple TV, or TiVo Mini Anything under 3lbs can fit on the mount install is a breeze, just connect the device mount to your tv, then put your device on the mount



    "Given that you can find 4 packs of VESA screws for close to the same amount for the entire assortment, this purchase is a no brainer." -David A.


    "Awesome product, every TV manufacturer needs to include something like this for their televisions." -Amazon Customer


    "Very nice hardware selection. I did end up needing it, my mount had only one length of screws and they were the wrong length." -Everett W.

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