6ft Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable - ECHO-ACOA6

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Start Bobbin' Your Head to High Quality Audio with a flexible, durable 6' optical audio cable $14.99 $%%GLOBAL_RawProductPrice%% BUY ON AMAZON Product carousel goes here Flexible, yet du…

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For the best audio, get the best optical cable. For sound bars and home theaters

Start Bobbin' Your Head to High Quality Audio

with a flexible, durable 6' optical audio cable



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  • flexible design for this optical audio cable

    Flexible, yet durable audio cable

  • for the fastest audio signals, use the best optical cable

    Crazy fast audio signals

  • Compatible with surround sounds and other optical audio components

    Compatible with AV components

  • high quality audio from the gold plated connector

    Gold-plated for the best signal

Provides powerful, crystal clear sound to soundbars or home theater AV receivers.

  • Want the fastest, high definition audio between your TVs, Soundbars, AV receivers, gaming consoles, etc? Our Toslink Fiber Optic Audio cable streams hi-Def audio between these devices at the speed of light.
  • Our connector is ordinary, but that's a good thing. We use a Toslink JIS F05 Connector which most consumer products on the market like TVs, Soundbars, and Home Theater Systems use.
  • Your Home Theater hasn't reached it's full potential until it connects with this cable. The cable supports Dolby Digital/DTS signals that can be processed by an AV receiver for surround-sound.
  • With a protective PVC outer layer, this cable is super durable while remaining flexible and tear resistant
  • 24K gold plated connector head is very conductive in terms of signal strength and speed, meaning a clean/clear connection with fast speeds. That's right, gold!

  • Model: ECHO-ACOA6




    “Great product, arrived much earlier than expected. I inadvertently trashed my original Bose cable. I order ECHOGEAR to replace it and it works great.” -Fenerli


    “Just what I needed to replace a cable that was too short...great quality at a very good price with fast delivery!” -Suzanne Boak


    “The information was spot on they fit perfectly in the sound bar” -Atorres72

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6ft Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable - ECHO-ACOA6