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Universal Streaming Device Mounting Bracket - ECHO-SDMU

Universal Streaming Device Mounting Bracket - ECHO-SDMU

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Product Description

Mount a Roku, Apple TV, Tivo Mini, or Fire TV with the universal streaming device mount that easily attaches to your tv

Mount Your Device
Out Of Sight

with the Universal Streaming
Device Mount



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  • versatile enough to hold almost any streaming media device

    Can hold almost any device

  • Supports up to 3lbs

    Supports up to 3lbs

  • Works with any TV mount or VESA pattern

    Works with any TV or mount

  • super fast install for streaming device mount

    Blazing fast install

So you got rid of cable (bravo fellow cord cutter), but now your media streaming player is still taking up space on a shelf below your TV. With the ECHOGEAR Streaming Media Player Mounting Bracket, you can simply and securely attach your device to the back of the TV out of sight. With a 3lb weight capacity and universal design, this mount can support almost any device.

  • Versatile panel securely hides small AV streaming devices and TV accessories behind TV. Just don't put your burner phone back there, we don't vouch for that.
  • We support your decision… to hide your streaming devices…well, up to 3 lbs. That's more than enough for your Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and others.
  • Includes two hook and loop straps to secure accessory to panel. And no, the hook and loop is not a 4th down trick play.
  • Did you think this was going to just float in space? All hardware is included to attach panel to a TV or TV mount.
  • We can work together to achieve a common goal. This media streaming player mounting bracket doesn't just work with all ECHOGEAR TV Mounts and Stands, but all TV mounts and TVs on the market.
  • We give it our all. Easy to follow instructions and customer service availability every day of the week.

About Streaming Device Mounts

The best solution for hiding your device

Back in the old days, you couldn’t hide your AV devices because remotes used an IR signal and  needed line of sight to work. But now, with RF/Bluetooth technology, it is no longer necessary.


That means you can put your device almost anywhere and have a cleaner TV setup. The best spot to put these devices? How about right on the back of the TV? That way, your HDMI cable will still reach, but nothing will take up shelf space. Imagine how classy your pad will be without all the devices and cables running all over the place.


Some device mounts are specific to each model, ours is universal, so anything up to 3lbs (the new Apple TV is 15 oz) will work. So when you upgrade devices, you won’t need a new device mount.


So how does it work? The Universal Media Streaming Player Mounting Bracket uses the same VESA holes as TV mounts, and will work weather you’ve mounted your TV or not. All you need is a screwdriver.


Here are some devices that are compatible with this mounting bracket: Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra, Apple TV 1st Generation, Apple TV 2nd Generation, Apple TV 3rd Generation, Apple TV 4th Generation, Amazon Fire TV, and TiVo Mini...plus anything that is the general shape of these other devices. Model: ECHO-SDMU

Anything under 3lbs can fit on the mount install is a breeze, just connect the device mount to your tv, then put your device on the mount



    "Great product to secure devices behind flat screens. Echogear delivered quick too. Count me as a new and satisfied customer!" -Pat


    "This is a great idea and has allowed me to hide the numerous internet connected gadgets that were popping up around my Flat Screen TV." -David F.


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