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How To Mount A TV In 10 Steps Illustrated With GIFs

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We get it, mounting a TV can seem intimidating, and you’ve probably never drilled holes in your wall. Well, as the unpaid social media intern for ECHOGEAR, I know a thing or two about mounting a TV, and there is nothing to fear, but fear itself (and snakes).

To show you how fun and easy mounting a TV can be, we laid out 10 steps to mount a TV, shown using my favorite GIFs. Why would anyone spend time doing that? Because the internet exists, and deserves to be used, my friend.

Before we start, let’s clear something up. If your TV isn’t mounted to the wall, you’re watching TV like a scrub, and I ain't talking J.D. and Turk. Luckily, it is super easy (and affordable) to mount your TV, which can get you these benefits:

  • Better viewing angles
  • A modern living space
  • More room for activities
  • Tons of street cred

..and to that, I say mounting your TV is:

Step 1: Procure an ECHOGEAR TV Mount

At ECHOGEAR, we offer a wide range of awesome TV mounts, that can extend, swivel, tilt, or just stay put. We’ve got em' all. Check them out here. Lucky for you, we take the guesswork out of picking a mount with the MountFinder tool. It'll tell you exactly what mounts work with your TV. It's the bees knees.

ECHOGEAR mounts are tested for quality, and are some of the highest rated TV mounts on Amazon, so long story short, your TV is safe with us. They are so affordable, you will have enough cash left over to do this with a few of your closest pals:

Step 2: Enjoy a Cold One

You’ve taken the first step to upgrading your TV, but you’ll have a few days before your mount arrives, so kick back and enjoy yourself. Have a delicious local craft brew, you’ve earned it. The satisfaction you feel after purchasing ECHOGEAR pairs nicely with a crisp double IPA.

Step 3: Admire the Mount

So you've got your hands on the boxed greatness of an ECHOGEAR TV mount. Go ahead, open it, and enjoy the contents. The people that made such a beauty must be awesome, and are probably really ridiculously good looking :).

Step 4: Attach the Bracket to the TV

Now that you’ve got the mount, installation should only take around 30 minutes. The first step is to attach the brackets to the back of your TV. Grab a screwdriver (the tool not the beverage), although, we wouldn't judge you if you had a screwdriver, they are delicious and packed with vitamin C to ward off scurvy.

Once you have a screwdriver, pilfer the correct screws out of the included hardware pack, screw them in, and boom. Done. You'll have plenty of time to pretend your screwdriver is actually a Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who.

Step 5: Drill Your Holes

It’s not as scary as it sounds, plus drills are fun. The first step is to hold the studfinder against yourself and make a beeping sound. Now that you've completed that key step, find your wall studs, measure the perfect height, and drill away.

If you drank that screwdriver in step 4, you’ll probably be about as happy as Jim Carrey with a drill:

Step 6: Feel Great About How Far You've Come

You are a freakin' DIY ninja. Put handyman on your resume, you found studs AND drilled holes into them. Talk about a productive day. Go ahead, marvel in yourself, we’ll just wait here..

Step 7: Connect the Wall the Wall

You are rounding third at this point, and we are impressed with your blazin’ wheels. Now using those perfect holes you drilled, put the wall plate onto the wall using a ratchet. That sucker will be solid on the wall, a lot more solid than the IKEA table you put together, we’ll give you a pass on that one.

Chances are that your wall plate will be about eye level, so to visualize, it’ll be about here on the wall:

Step 8: Attach the TV to the Wall Plate

Now, remember those brackets you connected to the TV in step 4? Those are going to hook right onto the wall plate. Throw a locking screw in for extra security, and that is it. Seriously. It’s less work than cleaning out the garage, and you won’t have to deal that aggressive family of raccoons living in your boat.

At this point, the mounting job is done! Leave the packaging for your significant other to clean up, and let the good vibes of a job well done wash over you.

Step 9: Watch TV Like a Boss

Now is time to enjoy the spoils of your labor. No longer is your TV sitting on a piece of furniture taking up space. Now it’s on the wall, and you have the perfect viewing angle, every time. Your friends will be impressed, your parents will be proud, and most importantly, your TV binge sessions will absolutely lit.

Step 10: Know Your TV is Safe

With ECHOGEAR, you can trust your TV is going to stay securely on the wall. Good choice, young padawan, you stayed away from the sketchy, untested TV mounts on Amazon. Your TV will be safe on the wall from almost anything, even….

And that’s it! After getting your mount, it should take you less than 30 minutes to finish the project, which means you've saved time, and we all know that time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge.

If you get stuck, don’t worry, we’ve got real live Minnesotan’s (nicest people ever) waiting to help you out, so you can get to the “Watch TV Like a Boss” step as quickly as possible.

Now that you know just how easy it is to install an ECHOGEAR TV mount, why don't you pick one out? See our entire mount selection.

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