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How To Mount Satellite Speakers On The Wall

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Mounting your speakers to the wall is a quick DIY project that anyone can take down like a slick Randy Orton RKO off the top ropes. Your speakers have been taking up room on your end tables which is a major bummer. Chances are you've already knocked the popcorn bowl onto the floor because there just isn't enough room for both. Now your floor is slick with butter and that's just dangerous for anyone hoping to keep their ACLs intact. Unlock your inner beast and mount those suckers to the wall. This project is about to get RKO'd, hard.

How To Mount Light Satellite Speakers To The Wall

Now that you're amped up and ready to make it happen, let's make sure you've got the right tools for the job. Unless you're Tim "The Toolman" Taylor from Home Improvement, you probably don't have all the tools, material, or patience to create your own speaker wall mounts. Sure you could use wood and attach a bracket or get fancy and make a floating shelf...But if you factor in what your time is worth, buying a set of speaker wall mounts is the way to go. And if you're thinking "that's something a company that sells speaker wall mounts would say" well, you're absolutely right. We've got some speaker wall mounts, and they get the job done for only $20. But stick with me here, they're worth it.

Mount Your Small Speakers To The Wall Or Ceiling

I wouldn't drop this shameless plug on you unless it was worth your time. For an easy to install speaker mount with all the adjustability you'll need, we've got your back. What makes them worth your cash? First off, they're easy to hang. If your speakers are under 8lbs each and have either a keyhole slot or threaded insert, these mounts will be on your wall in under 15 minutes. Here's what to look for:

threaded insert and keyhole mounting slot on speakers

On top of the left speaker, you'll see a large circle with a smaller circle above it. That's the keyhole mounting slot. It looks like an old-timey key could be used to unlock it. Moving over to the right speaker, there's a threaded metal insert right in the middle of the speaker. If you've got either of these on your speaker, then most wall mounts will work (including ours).

Good to go? Cool beans. All you have to do is attach the bracket to your speaker with a good old fashioned screwdriver. Now add some drywall anchors & connect the wall plate. Slap the arm on, pop on your speaker, and bam, Rick Astley will be playing in no time. Loudly bumpin' Rick is an easy way to boost your stoke level. Throw on Together Forever for a mood-altering experience.

If your speakers don't have a keyhole slot or threaded insert, you'll need to look into a clamping option instead. These types of mounts don't actually attach to your speaker, so there's a chance they could end up on the floor. Especially if you're pulling an Uncle Rico and hucking footballs all over the place trying to relive your glory days. That guy was a legend. Clamping style mounts are also more expensive but will get the job done if you don't have other options. Here are some solid clamping speaker mounts on Amazon:

Now, back to the wall mounts for speakers with a threaded insert or keyhole slot. Whichever mounts you pick, make sure they are adjustable for premo sound. That way you'll be able to direct the sound up, down, left or right on demand. Because what's the point of wall mounting speakers if it makes the sound is pumping in the wrong direction? Try keeping speakers at sitting ear level for movie surround sound setups, like this:

speaker wall mounts for surround sound

For front channel speakers, apply the same logic. Hang them on both sides of the TV, at ear level. Just make sure you've got some wire hiding tricks up your sleeve, or the dangling cables will drive you nuts. The stress caused by exposed wires causes will have you looking like Doc Brown by the time you're 35... If you're just mounting the speakers to play tunes throughout the house, place them as high as you'd like, and tilt them down to get everyone at the dinner party fired up. Nothing spurs deep conversation quite like quality music and a crisp bottle of Plum Ice Hole.

Can I Mount My Speakers Without Drilling Holes?

The bad news is that you'll need to drill into your wall for almost any speaker wall mount. Only really light speakers can be hung with 3M strips. The good news is that our speaker wall mounts are compatible with drywall, wood stud, and concrete. So basically anywhere you want the speaker, it'll hang. Not enough room on the garage wall for your vintage Hamm's beer sign and a speaker? Try the ceiling. Everything you need is in the box to unlock baller status by mounting satellite speakers to the ceiling.

Easy Install, Even For DIY Noobs

Nothing is worse than a product install manual that makes no sense. Especially if you're a terrible handyman like me. Winging it leads to loud cursing an overall bad time. If there's one thing we pride ourselves on around here, it's instruction manuals that are actually useful. As a plus, they're fun to read (we've been told). Shoutout to Reyna & her husband, they are obviously a good time.

easy DIY satellite speaker wall mounts

Ready for me shut up so you can pick a pair of speaker mounts already? Sounds good. Here are the Echogear speaker wall mounts that'll work for anything under 8lbs, as long as your speakers either have the keyhole or threaded insert.

If you're bringing some serious bump to the table & need to mount speakers heavier than 8lbs, you'll need to look at some other wall mounting options. The clamping speaker mounts from earlier have a much higher weight capacity, so you can consider those. If wall mounts aren't great for your setup, check out speaker floor stands. They are a good alternative to drilling into your wall & can be placed anywhere.

Echogear floor speaker stands

Mounting your satellite speakers to the wall doesn't take much time or money, and can have a big impact when you're pumpin' hot jams or watching some sweet cinematic adventures. If you've got any hot Qs about our speaker wall mounts, other wall mounting options, or on the merits of the mantis shrimp, comment below.

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