Not Your Momma's Christmas Playlist

Posted by Josh Soupir on Dec 20th 2019

Christmas music. It starts earlier every year, and yet, we get the same 5 Andy Williams / Michael Bublé / Mariah Carrey songs. I get it, their dulcet tones are the sound of the holidays in human form, but there are so many other versions out there that still bring a ton of jollies, without getting redundant. So, we did Santas work & put together the best playlist of non-traditional holiday songs. Flip these on & make your next family gathering a lot more bearable. We've got something for every situation.

After reading this, you'll want all these songs in an easy to access location. Check out the Echogear Christmas Heat Spotify playlist. It's a collaborative playlist, so you can add your favorites for all of us to enjoy!

DMX's Christmas Caroling: Rudolph The Red Nose Raindeer

Let's start this off with something weird. Usually, Rudolph is heard at elementary school holiday "concerts", which is code for Rudolph being screamed at you by 15 kids that are sticky from candy canes and crazy loud. You'll be team Rudolph in no-time after jamming along to the legendary DMX. It's so much heat, the recording studio spontaneouly combusted at the end of recording this track.

Bow Down To The Biebs

Justin Bieber is a polarizing figure no matter who you ask. Turns out, he's North Polarizing as well. That pun is so bad I might have to kick my own ass for it. Justin comes with hit after hit on his Christmas album. Wanna feel old? This album was released in 2011. Yikes. Even if it's almost 10 years old, Justin it with Usher on The Christmas Song, and brings originals to the mix like Mistletoe.

Snoop Dogg & Anna Kendricks: Winter Wonderland

Pitch Perfect 2 is a sick flick. It's basically all one big highlight. But this time of year, one scene stands out. Anna's character Beca works at a recording studio & is producing Snoop's latest Christmas record with the always funny Keegan-Michael Key. When she flips it into a mix in real-time, I shed a tear of joy. There's a fully produced version on the Spotify playlist, but seeing the creation of the track is half the fun. "The way I sound in my eardrums, this is immaculate mannne".

Ariana Grande: Santa Tell Me

If there's anything more adorable than Ariana Grande singing Christmas songs in her winter PJs, I haven't seen it yet. Combine that with a song that features her great voice over a simple beat and you've got a Christmas song that keeps giving. Quit listening to Mariah Carrey yell and jam Ariana.

Boyz II Men Christmas: Every Song Ever

Never has Christmas music sounded so damn sexy. For a smooth, soulful collection of classics & original tracks peep anything Christmas related from Boyz II Men. They bring the yuletide joy in an audio sleigh ride that is smoother than a freshly-shaved James Bond.

Actually New Stuff

I just realized that everything on this list is kinda old and you might have heard them already. Here are some newer hits to open presents to.

The Jonas Brothers - Like It's Christmas

Like It's Christmas is probably the best new holiday song of 2019. It also might be my favorite Jo-Bros song of all time. It just shreds, plain and simple. I can see myself boppin' to this with my hypothetical kids in 20 years. Let's take this time to quickly rank the handsomeness of the Jonas Brothers.

  1. Nick (with a bullet)
  2. Kevin
  3. Joe

Camila Cabello & Kacey Musgraves Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Anytime I get a chance to listen to Camila & her unique voice I'm in. Plus, my wife went to a T-Swift concert & Camila was the opener. She said Camila was more talented, had better stage presence, and was way nicer. So I'm a big fan. Combine her with Kasey's silky voice and you got an easy-listening hit the whole family can agree on...probably.

And now, back to pre-2019 holiday slammers.

Earth, Wind & Fire - Winter Wonderland

Even if you are so full of cookies and beer that you can't move, you'll be tapping your foot along to this funky rendition of Winter Wonderland. This is the ultimate version of this song and I don't want to hear otherwise. When you combine Earth, Wind, and/or Fire together, you get Christmas magic.

I'm currently listening to this song while dancing at my standing desk rocking a Will Smith Christmas sweater. I enjoy working here. If that sweater sounds like something you need in your wardrobe, here's the link.

will smith fresh prince ugly sweater

Destiny's Child: Silent Night

If you're ready to pour one out for the birth of Jesus, throw on Silent Night by Destiny's Child. Queen Bey breathes new life into this holiday classic. Best when listened to by candlelight after 11pm. Destiny's Child has brought so many hits to our lives, just add this to the list.

Zac Brown Band & Sara Bareilles: Christmas Tree

If you live in a warmer climate, most songs probably don't apply to you. Singing about walking through a winter wonderland while it's 80º and humid in a run-down Jacksonville strip mall doesn't feel right (I'd imagine). Luckily, Zac Brown Band & Sara Bareilles flipped their song Mango Tree into a Christmas tune by changing one word. Respect to that. Here's an island vibe to set your warm-weather Christmas off. And just remember, while your Christmas might be less magical than us here in Minnesota, you'll have the last laugh when December 26th - March 30th just sucks here.

Colbie Caillat & Brad Paisley

Let's add a little country flair to the playlist. Dust off the boots, and grab some Baileys cuz this one will get you out of your seat. Colbie & Brad combine for a flawless duet of another Christmas original. Once someone at your party complains about the loud holiday DMX song, throw this on to make them cool off.

Holiday Whispers From Twitter

Shoutout to our favorite followers for dropping some Christmas grease onto our TL. @Nite5ky opened our eyes to It's Christmas Time Again by the Backstreet Boys. A couple of things here.

  1. If you want an absolute jam to sing along with your tipsy friends/family every year, this is it. It's got all the good things about Christmas music, without being over-done.
  2. The comic book-esque video of the Backstreet Boys takes me back to 1999. Millennium was my first CD ever, so I've always had a soft spot for the Backstreet Boys.

@AlaskanGypsyTV brought the heat recommending NSYNC's Merry Christmas and a cover of that same song by Pentatonix. They are both amazing, but since we are starting to get heavy on the 90s boy bands, let's drop the Pentatonix version. It's like Christmas butter for your ears.

There are hundreds of other criminally underplayed Christmas tunes out there. Let's bring them to the forefront. Run over to the Spotify playlist and add your best underrated Christmas hits: