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The Best Accessories For Your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

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Alexa can do so much, I mean ordering pizza with your voice? Welcome to the future folks, even Marty McFly wouldn’t have seen that coming. Since she’s always there for you, I think it’s time you give Alexa a little something back. Here are the best accessories available to enhance the performance or aesthetics of your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Portable Battery For Echo

Audio quality on the Echo is decent, and many people use it as their main Bluetooth speaker. One limitation is the portability of the Echo, specifically taking it outside. To solve that, battery bases provide power to the Echo, without needing a plug in. If you find yourself wishing you could bring Alexa with you, or messing with extension cords, this is the solution for you.

There are a few options depending on your budget. On the lower end, is the EagleTec Portable Battery Base.

EagleTec Portable Battery Base - Black - 4.5 Stars

Amazon Echo Battery Accessory


It is the top rated Echo battery at this price range, touting a 4.5 Star rating, and can be had for $42.99. It can power your Echo for 6-10 hours and has USB ports on the side to charge your phone.

EagleTec's weight and wider footprint will give your Echo additional stability, which is important if you are bringing it outside. Nothing will ruin your barbecue faster than Tim accidentally destroying your Echo because he had too many Moscow mules and bumped into it. Get your life together, Tim!


It only comes in black, so if you have a white Echo, you either need to look at other items or deal with a color clash.

The low price means the battery quality is not as high as it could be. The unit needs to charge for 4 hours to be used for 6. That is a crazy ratio. That would be like needing to charge your phone for 16 hours in order to use it for one day. Talk about life ruining.

Another frequently mentioned con is the charging cord. You can’t charge the portable battery and power your Echo at the same time. You need to use the included charger, which means removing it from the Echo, plugging it in somewhere else, and then plugging your Echo back in separately. It adds a few steps to the process. It would be ideal if you could leave the battery base on at all times, so switching from plugged into cordless would mean no loss of power and no additional steps.

For a very solid, budget friendly bettery for your Echo, check out the EagleTec. If you want the battery to power your Echo while charging, take a look at the Smatree Echo battery.

Smatree Intelligent Battery Base - White or Black - 4.5 Stars

Portable Amazon Echo Battery


This version shares many of the pros of the EagleTec (USB charging, slightly wider base, good aesthetics), but brings more to the table that warrants the higher price.

It can continue to power your Echo even when charging. This solves the major issue customers have with the EagleTec version. It also has a 33%+ longer lasting battery. They report 13 hours, but customers have gotten even more life out of the Smatree version.


The only con the reviewers had was their unit not working. The company sent them replacements, so there isn’t much risk in buying the Smatree battery base if you can stomach the $75 price tag. If you are looking for the best performing battery base for your Echo, this is the one.

Outlet Shelf For Echo or Echo Dot - 4.7 Stars

Shelf Accessory For Amazon Echo or Dot

Time for a little #HumbleBrag. The Echogear outlet shelf is a perfect space saving companion to your Echo or Dot. It can help free up counter space while giving you a perfect place to put your Echo device.

Installation is about as easy as it gets. Just remove the existing outlet cover, and install the outlet shelf using one of the two included wall plates. It can hold up to 10lbs, so there’s plenty of strength to support your Echo.

Bringing the outlet closer to your Echo gives you more options for cable management. To get a more finished look, pair your outlet shelf with a shorter power cable. Here is a shorter (6”) power cable for an Echo Dot. We couldn't find a shorter cable for the regular Echo, if you are aware of one, let us know below.

At $15, the outlet shelf is a great way to save space and improve the aesthetics and placement possibilities of your Echo or Dot. Grab one (or a few) today.

Sanus Bumpers For Echo - 3.5 Stars (only 2 reviews)

Amazon Echo bumper accessory

Don’t be fooled by the current 3.5 star rating, one of the 2 existing reviewers didn’t understand what the product was and left a bad rating. Since this is a new product without many reviews, I tested them and here are my thoughts.

If you’ve got a busy house and are afraid of your Echo tipping over, SANUS has a new minimalist solution to the problem. It differs from existing cases and stands because it gives you positioning flexibility. The bumpers can protect your Echo while standing vertically, or give it a stable base to lay horizontally. Most stands can only do one or the other.

They come in white or black, I tested the white ones.

Sanus White Amazon Echo accessory


They feel like they are made of premium material. SANUS is a US company that doesn’t skimp on quality. Also, the Sanus Bumpers don't affect audio quality. Some cases partially cover the microphones or speaker, which only reduces the functionality of your device. These bumpers leave those completely unblocked, so you don’t need to worry about that.

As mentioned above, you can protect your Echo from tip-overs while standing up, or place it on its side. I tried this at my place, and putting the Echo horizontally didn't have a noticable impact on microphone sensitivity or sound quality.

Protective Amazon Echo Accessory


They are more expensive than other protective options, and these Echo bumpers aren't the most decorative accessory. But if you are looking for a clean, modern solution like me, that's just fine.

More colors would be great to accessorize the Echo, right now only black and white are available. Based on the Sanus product page, it looks like more colors are coming soon (blue, green, magenta).

If you are looking for a simple solution to protect your Echo without sacrificing sound quality, this is your best bet.

Finite Protection Leather Case For Echo - 4.3 Stars

Amazon Echo Accessory Case

If you are looking for more of a decorative case for you Echo, the Finite leather cases are the best option. While they don’t provide extra stability, they give you the option to customize how your Echo looks, and I’d imagine that is fun for young whippersnappers.


There are a plethora of designs available, 36 to be exact, from a solid color to leopard print. Or my personal favorite, the galaxy:

Decorative Echo Case

Finite cases are easy to use and cheap enough ($13.99) to have multiple if you are feeling wild. They're also made of vegan leather if you are into that sort of thing. TBH I’m not really sure what that means. Wait…does that mean it’s made entirely from real vegans??

Confused Keanu Reeves


This case covers up some of the speaker grill, which could affect sound quality. I also don’t love how the large buttons look, but that is my (probably flawed) personal design taste.

Protect My Amazon Echo

Customers have had issues with overall quality, but at this price point, you have to expect some of that. Most complaints center around varying case thicknesses and fit. These complaints are a low fraction of overall reviews.

Overall, if you're looking for an affordable option to change up the look of your Echo, the Finite Leather Case is a great place to start.

Amazon Fabric & Leather Echo Dot Case - 4.4 Stars

Echo Dot Accessory Case

If you have an Echo Dot and are looking to add something to it, these fabric & leather cases are an excellent option. There are 6 styles to choose from, so they can help your Dot blend in.


It is a really simple product, and the $10 price tag is pretty decent for what you get. There are 6 colors available, so you can find the ideal color for your space.

These cases don’t block the microphone or speakers of the Echo Dot, so functionality won't take a hit. Since these are sold by Amazon, they know exactly how the Dot's microphones work and can avoid messing with them.


Some customers have reported a poor fit for their Dot. This can be chalked up to lower quality materials that these cases use. There aren't really any more cons, this is just such a simple product.

Overall, these cases are inexpensive and simple, but get the job done. If you want your Echo Dot to look less like a nerdy computer gadet, and more like a decoration, Amazon cases are the best option.

What did we miss? If there’s an Echo or Echo Dot accessory you think should be added to this list, comment below. We’re always looking for new gadgets to try.

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