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The Ultimate COD WW2 Loadout - Resistance Class Is the GOAT

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First off let me say, COD's community events have been an awesome addition to the series. Releasing new weapons, classes, and unlockables for free keeps players coming back for more. It also just so happens that the newly released Resistance class is the best, and most fun class I've come across. It fits a run-n-gun play-style best, and at times it feels like you have cheat codes on. Here's the new ultimate COD WWII class:

The Class: Resistance

Released a few weeks ago, the Resistance class basically turns you into Rambo. You'll be able to know where enemies are around you, scramble their radar, oh and have a sweet tactical knife with your pistol. In tight spaces, these perks combined are really fun and powerful.

Here's what you'll unlock as you level up the Resistance class:

  1. Pistol Tactical Knife
  2. Scramble nearby enemy mini-maps
  3. Additional Pistol Attachment & swap weapons faster
  4. Mini-map indicator in the direction of close hostiles

We'll get into the tactical knife later, the biggest perk of this class is the mini-map indicator. It'll show as a red cone on your minimap whenever an enemy is close. It almost feels like cheating to know when enemies are about to enter a room or are coming up behind you. You can line up for an easy tac knife kill, or start shooting before they even come into view. This guy had a knife in his face before he even landed:

stab gif COD

It is super liberating to run through buildings without looking carefully around every corner. If nothing shows on your mini-map, just keep rollin'. Below is what it looks like. There's no chance you would have known that guy was coming without this perk.

mini map indicator

If you're skeptical of the mini-map indicator, check out this video. You can see the versatility of this class. It includes multiple pistol kills, a rifle kill, and a couple tac knife kills.

The indicator catches your attention even if you aren't looking at the mini-map. It makes the game a lot easier when you know exactly where the other team is every time they approach you. Does it feel overpowered? Yes. Is it fun to be overpowered? Absolutely.

One of the frustrating aspects of COD is when spawn points change and the other team comes up behind you. Now you'll see it on your radar, and have a chance to turn around and start spraying before they ruin your killstreak on a weak kill. Here I was able to spin around and save myself from 2 guys that I would never have seen otherwise:

Using the Resistance class is a huge advantage, especially on smaller maps (which most of the maps are). It negates some of the frustrating aspects of COD multiplayer and should help you improve your K/D to a respectable number. Get the most out of the class by using the weapons below, they are a ton of fun.

Primary Weapon: Volkssturmgewehr Assult Rifle

Volk closeup

No, I didn't just have a seizure on my keyboard, that's what this weapon is called. Even if you can't pronounce it, you'll be racking up kills with it. It's the perfect assault rifle IMO. It has good range, good damage, good clip size and the only negative is moderate recoil (which is quickly remedied via attachments). To unlock it you'll have to complete an order or get it in a care package, but it's worth the effort. It can easily cut down multiple enemies and delivers high damage at almost any range.

II could've put together a compilation video of kills with the Volk in all kinds of situations, but that would've been a lot of work. Just use it, my dude. You can really make the Volk a devastating weapon by adding 3 attachments via the Primed perk.

COD volk attachments

I love rapid fire, so that's a must. Adding a grip almost completely neutralizes the recoil. Quickdraw makes your midrange game fire. Since this gun has very few weaknesses, if you can acquire your target at the same time as your enemy, you'll usually win. Gunslinger, Hustle, and Undercover also make great perks to pair with the Resistance class. Experiment and have fun. Outside of the weapon's overall dominance, the Volk makes a perfect complement to the secondary weapon that comes with the resistance class.

Secondary Weapon: Machine Pistol + Tactical Knife

Call of duty machine pistol

Ever since the pure joy of tac knifing in COD MW2, tactical knives have been one of my favorite weapons in the franchise. While it doesn't have the lunge or quick recovery time of a normal melee weapon, the pistol in the other hand more than makes up for it. Combining a machine pistol (or whatever you're most comfortable with) and the tac knife with the mini-map indicator of the Resistance class makes you feel like a damn Jedi. Know when enemies are coming around corners and stab them immediately.

Although I didn't get the first 2 dudes, at the end of the video the potential of the knife + minimap indicator comes to fruition big time:

Resistance will let you have 2 attachments on the pistol. I like extended mag and advanced rifling. They'll make your pistol more effective at range, and more bullets are obviously better than fewer bullets. The weapon swap speed is really good between your secondary and primary which makes the tac knife pistol really useful in close range combat. While the Volk is no slouch itself in close quarters, you can't top a machine pistol and a knife, especially when you know where your enemies are.

Most of all, it's just fun to sprint around knowing where the other team is running, while they are oblivious to your position. It's just a good time:

Man, knifing people on Call Of Duty is fun. I captured all of these videos in under an hour of playtime. You'll be making plays like Antonio Brown every match with the Resistance class. It's easy money. As always, what matters most is 1. having fun and 2. the results, and the results speak for themselves. Soup Crackkers (that's me) is drippin' in sauce.

Call of duty scoreboard

Have you been tearing up COD with the Resistance class? Let's hear about it in the comments below.

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