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Which Call Of Duty WW2 Weapons Are The Most Fun?

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This is a follow-up to my previous Best Loadout For COD WW2 post. That one was all business picking the best weapons, perks, and tactics to get a respectable KD to avoid throwing your controller through the TV. But let's be honest, unless you are on a competitive eSports team, you play video games for fun. Especially COD. There's nothing like coming home from a long stressful day at the office and racking up a few virtual kills to soothe your soul. Feels pretty good.

So you might as well make the most of your limited video game time by getting your stoke meter on blast and the bummer level down to 0 with the most fun weapons on COD WW2.

1. Akimbo Machine Pistols

akimbo pistols

Let me start this one by saying, not only are these fun to use but are actually really effective...against one enemy at least. In close quarters combat, there are almost no guns that can beat these if you don't get ambushed. The problem is the small 10 round clips and long-ish reload time that makes it hard to kill multiple enemies in a short amount of time.

Here is the recommended setup to get the most out of this gun:

cod ww2 double wield

Divison: Airborne

Since your effective range is about 30 feet, being able to sprint faster, longer is huge for this loadout. You could try to use Mountain if you plan to take a sniper as the primary, but for maximum fun, take Airborne.

Basic Training: Duelist

You'll have to take Duelist as your Basic Training perk to use akimbo pistols, so no flexibility here.

Duelist perk cod

Attachment: Steady Aim

Because you can't aim down the sights with akimbo weapons, increasing your hip fire accuracy is key to the whole thing. With steady aim on, you'll improve your overall accuracy, increase the range, and score a decent amount of headshots. Nothing will make you feel more like John Wick than sprinting into a room, guns blazin', headshotting fools. Hopefully one day you can get stats like Mr. Wick.

You might be tempted to grab Extended Mags to give you a chance against multiple enemies, but don't. You'll get killed in 23% more 1 on 1 battles according to a poll I just took at my desk.

Primary Weapon

Don't forget to pick a good primary weapon to use with the pistols. To round out your class better, pick an assault rifle with medium-long range. Don't waste your time with an SMG or shotgun, unless you plan to switch to it instead of reloading in sticky situations. I recommend the BAR or the STG44, but pick whatever rifle you feel the most comfortable with. Use range-enhancing attachments like Advanced Rifling, an improved sight, & Grip, since you won't be needing this weapon up close. Grab a smoke or concussion grenade to round out the setup. Smoke grenades are fun, they let you close distance and tend to make enemies scramble right into your trap.

Play Style

All 3 recommended weapons are best used on smaller maps. Play Kill Confirmed for the highest scores, close range kills mean a lot of confirms and denies.

As with any close-range class, you'll want to stay out of wide-open areas and stay behind cover as much as possible. Your goal is to surprise enemy players and be close enough to quickly eliminate them with your pistols. After taking out on an enemy, get to cover to reload, even if there is another guy bearing down on you. Get around a corner, reload, and you'll have a much better chance than trying to pistol whip a Nazi to death.

Of the 3 recommended fun weapons on this list, this is my personal favorite. While akimbo machine pistols take a little skill, they are a blast to use. Grab some Molotovs, strech your hammys, and sprint around causing mayhem.

2. Panzerschreck Rocket Launcher

rocket kill gif

If you're like me and reminisce about casuing rage-quits by using an RPG with night vision goggles on COD 4: Modern Warfare, then this is the weapon for you. Of the 2 launchers on WW2 multiplayer, the Panzerschreck is by far the best. It hip-fires decently quick, has high splash damage, and easily takes out enemies. Here's how you'll want to set this one up:

COD ww2 rocket launcher

Divison: Armored

Using Armored with this weapon has one purpose, to take less explosive damage. It'll be key for not killing yourself in small rooms, although this is bound to happen when you are recklessly firing rockets in a living room...but that's part of the fun.

Basic Training: Launched

You'll need to take Launched to get a launcher. It replaces your secondary weapon.

Launched perk cod

Primary Weapon - Dealer's Choice

Becuase of the low ammo capacity (2 rockets), chances are you'll get a few kills with the Panzerschreck and need to switch back to your primary. It doesn't really matter for this class, take whatever weapon you feel most comfortable with. I usually throw on an SMG because this class is most effective on small maps. Steer clear of sniper rifles. They are tricky to use without the Mountain class.

Play Style

Don't be afraid to get up close and personal with the rocket. You'll survive explosions much better with the Armored division (once leveled up), and the accuracy on the Panzerschreck is pretty terrible. 90% of your kills will come from hip-firing, so don't spend too much time aiming down the awful sights.

For the best results, make sure to aim at the ground near your enemy's feet, and let the explosives do the rest. Don't try to hit them directly with the rockets, it's frustratingly difficult. As long as you're close, you'll get the kills. One of the best aspects of the Panzershreck is the splash damage. If multiple enemies are close, you'll have no problem racking up multi-kills and getting the play of the game kill-cam.

3. Melee Weapons

melee kill COD ww2

Question for you, what's better than killing virtual people with a melee weapon when they have guns?

Answer for you, nothing that comes to mind. *5 points to Gryffindor if you read that in Jian Yang's voice*

Using a melee weapon requires skill, big kahones, and for you to be one with your spirit animal. If you are looking to have a great time embarrassing other players, read on.

With the multiple weapon variants in Call Of Duty WW2, you can further customize loadouts to fit your personality. That rings most true when choosing a melee weapon. Will you harken back to your sandbox days and crack skulls with a shovel? Go full Viking mode and stab hearts with an Ice Pick? Or get your Jack The Ripper on with the Trench Knife? Each is as fun as the last, I prefer the Trench Knife, but I'm a savage. Don't let anyone tell you it's impossible to win MVP with melee weapons:

cod ww2 MVP

Divison: Airborne

No doubt about this one. Speed kills, literally, with the melee weapon. You've got to get inside someone's personal bubble to get the kill. Airborne's speed and agility upgrades are required when running with melee.

Basic Training: Serrated

Here's where the real fun begins. Using Serrated Basic Training gives you a melee weapon as your primary, faster melee attack, plus 2 throwing knives and British N 69 Concussion Grenades. This turns you into a stabbing machine. Not to mention you get to try, and fail, at getting kills with the throwing knife. Sure you'll miss 98% of the time, but when you finally hit someone, you'll probably drop a Ric Flair WHOOOOO and it'll be glorious. At the end of this clip I finally hit someone with a throwing knife.

Secondary Weapon - Machine Pistol

If you are chasing someone from behind and can't get close enough to melee, or you're pinned down by the other team, the machine pistol will take you to the promised land. Attach extended mags, and let 'er rip. When you run out of ammo, play the lottery with the throwing knives and hope for the best.

Play Style

Using melee weapons requires some stealthy tactics. Like the machine pistols, it is paramount that you stay out of open spaces and stay behind cover as much as possible. A total pro-move is to bait enemies into buildings by standing in upper story windows. When you see them go in the building, jump out the window, and chase them from behind. As they go up the stairs expecting to find you, they'll spin around just as you lunge at their neck and ruin their weekend. It's the best. Remember, always be sprinting with melee weapons, there is no reason not to. With the increased melee speed, you can get multi-kills in close quarters, unlike the akimbo pistols. Just remember that you are a sitting duck at medium range, so stay in the shadows. Use concussion grenades before entering rooms, enemies will be helpless as you sprint at them.

The moral of the story is to find and use weapons that make you happy and enjoy the escapism of video games. These are my favorite 3 weapons. What are yours? Comment below and we can become virtual pen pals.

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