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What Is The Best Loadout For Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer?

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Read the 2018 UPDATE: This old dusty article was posted back when COD WW2 first came out. Read the updated version from March 2018. It'll be more helpful.

Call Of Duty is officially back, and I'm not just talking the yearly release. The game is fun again. I've played every COD with the exception of last year's total bust, Infinite Warfare, and this is a sweet addition to the lineup.

Aside from the cool new game modes borrowed from Battlefield 1, this is the first COD in recent memory that you can pick up and play without being at a disadvantage. Previous games required mastery of jet packs, wall jumps, or special moves to be competitive. This game gets back to its point and shoot roots, with enough customization options to keep hardcore players entertained without turning off casual ones. WW2 continues to be an awesome setting for video games.

With that said, this game is a lot different than other FPS games, especially Destiny 2 which I've been playing since the release. Destiny is fireteam based, if you stick together in that game you basically win. In COD, players just run every direction and it's super fun controlled chaos. For the first few days, I was getting crushed. Like last place in every game crushed and it was driving me nuts. Traditionally I've been a good Call Of Duty player, consistently scoring in the top 1/3 of my squad, although never good enough to go 25-0 and get a nuke. That is just crazy, I have things to do.

Like every game, WW2's map design favors certain play types over others, in this case, close quarters combat. While past versions of the game have a mix of maps that require mastery of each gun type, almost every map in this game focuses on funneling players into close range battles.

After playing for a week, I've found that high fire rate weapons rule the battlefield. Here is my perfect loadout that has me back at the top of the leaderboard..mostly. Damn you quick scopers.

*If you care more about the most fun weapons to play with, check out this post.

The Weapon: PPSh-41 (The Snake)

Call of duty PPSh-41

My advice for quickly getting better at COD WW2 is to pick an SMG you like, and max out the level as fast at you can. Instead of waiting for the last SMGs to unlock, find one out of the first 4 you like and stick with it. The goal is to unlock the Rapid Fire attachment as quickly as you can (more on that below). Because most maps favor close combat, fire rate seems to always win over pure damage. After adding Rapid Fire, I tend to win 50/50 battles like this one way more often:

Shotguns might sound like the answer, but are underpowered despite their super fun incendiary rounds. Even direct hits from close range don't guarantee a kill. Hopefully Sledgehammer will buff them soon...

As for SMGs, I love using the PPSh-41. It's stable, has a big mag (35), and boasts a fire rate of 11 once rapid fire is unlocked. Even with the silencer attached, the mag size and damage let you easily cut down multiple enemies in no time. Even after the 2 kills below I still had 15 rounds left, plenty to finish another player without reloading.

The PPSh-41 (The Snake) is an all-around solid SMG, and becomes great once you add the right attachments.

The Division: Airborne

Rolling SMGs means the Airborne Division is your best bet. On top of sprinting faster and longer, you get a useful extra attachment, the suppressor. Usually you sacrifice a bunch of range when using a suppressor, but in WW2 the small maps means the range reduction doesn't hurt much, and gives you more flexibility with non-class based weapon attachments. So basically you get all the advantages of the suppressor like not appearing on the mini-map when firing and reduced recoil at almost no cost.

You can attach and remove the suppressor on demand by pressing the left D pad, which is super nice when the enemy has a recon craft and the suppressor becomes mostly useless. Not to mention you feel like a badass hitman putting the suppressor on. Ignore the lag in the video, I definitely would have got him either way :).

The Attachments

Since the suppressor skill takes care of weapon recoil, it makes the grip attachment expendable, which usually is a must with SMGs and their aggressive recoil at medium ranges.

First and foremost, Rapid Fire is the best attachment to use in WW2 for the reasons mentioned above. That should be a default on your SMG classes, which leaves one attachment space to pick depending on your style.

If you're a spray and pray kind of player, opt for the Steady Aim attachment. It increases accuracy while hip-firing, and will make you a real pain to deal with in close quarters with the increased accuracy and fire rate. Steady Aim, and an opponent who was allergic to firing his weapon helped get me out of this jam:

To further improve your loadout, consider using the Gunslinger Basic Training perk. It let's you fire while sprinting and diving, making your hip-firing badassery even more devastating.

When storming a room, if you like to aim down the sights rather than hip-fire, definitely attach Quickdraw. It'll make your ADS much snappier, and your overall accuracy improve.

Call of duty Quickdraw attachemnt

Further Customization

Use basic training perks to round out your loadout and further emphasize strengths. For larger maps, you might want to equip the Rifleman perk, allowing you to take an additional primary weapon instead of a pistol. Since your primary weapon (SMG) is much better than a pistol in short range combat, it's basically useless anyway.

Find a mid/long range rifle you like, my personal favorite is the M1A1 Carbine. It has awesome range, and slaps hard, killing opponents in 3 shots. It's semi-automatic, so the fire rate is limited to how fast you pull the trigger. I prefer it over full auto rifles at a distance because it has virtually no recoil, so you can place shots exactly where you want them in rapid succession. There was a dog barking which influenced my poor shooting on the 2nd kill, I swear.

I was getting absolutely worked when I first started playing Call Of Duty WW2, which meant almost no killstreaks. One great addition to the game is the Requisitions perk. It means your scorestreaks continue to build, even after you die. They do cost more, and can only be earned once per match, but that means you can pick higher value killstreaks and actually get to use them. Some of my favorite scorestreaks are the Care Package (gambling is fun), Fighter Pilot, and Paratroopers. Although, I haven't unlocked the Ball Turret Gunner and that sounds sweet. An optimized loadout using Requisitions looks like this:

Requisitions COD perk

That wraps up my recommendations on how to build the best class in Call Of Duty WW2. Pick an SMG you like, level it up, add rapid fire, then customize to fit your play style or game mode. What weapons and perks do you roll with? Comment to help our readers out. We want everyone who reads the Echogear blog to be an absolute multiplayer baller. If you want to see my slightly above average play first-hand, leave your Gamertag.

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